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Out grown acne

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I think I have finally out grown acne! biggrin.gif I havent got a new pimple in about 4 weeks and im not doing anything different from what I usually do! (Dan's Regimen)Except I have these damn redmarks that havent faded in like 8 months. Ive done a couple peels and theve helped a little but m face was so rough and dry aterwards that I cant be bothered to do anymore.

My sister got really bad breakouts until she was 23 now she is 25 but she still gets the occasional pimple like once a month. Her skin is so beautiful now, she has a couple of scars but they arent even noticeable. She even told me that people at her work are complimenting her skin and she has never recieved a compliment about her skin in her whole life. I look up to her as inspiration thinking one day my skin will look as good as hers. She had acne worse than me and I would always hope and pray that mine wouldnt last as long as hers did. I really hope that I have outgrown it by now. Also considering that I starting breaking out when i was 14 and she started breaking out when she was 18. So maybe im caught up with her lol. It sorta makes sense but everyone is different so i dont know.

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hey how old are you if u dont mind me asking? my sister outgrew her acne at age 22. im still battling acne so im just trying to figure when i might grow out of acne.


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Lucky you:) but my advice to you is to not get cocky and quit the regimen only to find that the regimen was what was keeping you clear.

I've recently tried the aspirin mask, and it has helped a TON with my red marks--maybe it'll help you too.

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Im not being cocky. The regimen stopped working for me ages ago. although I still use it on my nose to control oil (cuz my nose always gets shiny dutring the day). Mind you I was on the regimen for 2 years and it would be strange to see it amazingly start working now.

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Younger people's skin will heal faster than someone older. I overcame my red marks naturally within a few weeks when I was younger. I'm now 27 and having to resort to other methods to speed up the healing process.

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Here's the thing about red marks...I too assume I have outgrown most of my acne because I haven't used no meds in months and everything is the same except on my back my pimples came back just a little though.

When you don't get new pimples, the red marks fade on their own but it takes time and depends how big the pimple was. Most of my red marks are gone and I had lots of big pimples, except I do have som marks left but they really light, unnoticeable. So the key is to prevent zits to help heal the red marks. idea.gif

For the outgrowing part...in girl it's usually the ages of 17-18 and guys from 18-20 (moderate cases mostly 19-20) if you still have persistent acne after those ages, there's no telling when it'll go, maybe in 2, 5, 10 years or forever. Hope this helps.

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