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evolution of my pimple

alright so i have one of these deep embedded suckers felt it coming on a long time be4 it was noticable so i caked bp on it to calm it down so im here to detail the life and death of this foul bump since i been at home for the past 3 days smoking weed and drinkin beer instead of being out smoking weed and drinking beer but i still do have to get up for work eithr way here goes

my treatment plan: basically my regimenwith more bp for on the spot relief these bumps usaully take 1-2 weeks to fully fade out but we'll see this time around

day 1: 10-6-05 no pics but it the lump was hard didnt quite surface yet

day 2: 10-7-05 lump still hard gettin considerably more red

day 3: 10-8-05 when i woke up this monrning the lump was more red ubt softer like i could take a needle to it and let er rip ! but ill be patient and here are the pics i just got out of work took a shower and here we are shitty web cam and all [attachmentid=2281]

day 4: 10-9-05 shit i went over my girls house last night and fel asleep there no bp nothing i woke up new pimple on my neck very small not worried and huge redness on my cheek, took a showr and it seemed to have punctured by inflating my cheeks i was able to get as much sebum (very yellowish) out as possible now is softer then yesturday not as red after the shower and i tihnk it has decreased in size ,..sigh** i tihnk i gave this pimple extra life by not applying n e part of my regimen last night eusa_wall.gif [attachmentid=2293]





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I would either use BP like you have or neosporin to hopefully get it to a head and then you can prick it carefully.

I had a zit emerge in one and a half days to a big white head but i used mandelic on it.

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