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Plastic Surgeon Consultation now.. nice..

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I am in Canada and went to states today for a derm appointment and he did nothing. Anyways, I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. He's in Niagara Falls, US. What will he do to me after the consultation or decide to do with me on another day?

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wtf is wrong with u?????????????? Did the derm send u to a plastic surgeon??? i really doubt it.....look u MUST STICK TO ur REGIMEN UR DOCTOR GIVES U...THEY DO NOT WORK MIRACLES....but they try, and the derm should be able to help ur face.

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Why the hell are you consulting a plastic surgeon for 3 red marks? Spend the money on a psychiatrist for gods sake.

Im sure the derm you went to was laughing in his head when he heard your problem.

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One, how old are you? No, I'm not a child-molester so don't worry. And two, the fuck you going to a plastic surgeon for? Unless these 3 red marks covered practically your whole face, seeing a plastic surgeon would be totally unnecessary. You said in another thread how these are three mild red marks, so why don't you calm down, it's annoying. I wish I could only have three mild red marks. You do NOT need to see a plastic surgeon, why don't you listen to anybody on here? We're not out to get you but to help you, and you don't need a plastic surgeon and I highly doubt one would even consider doing anything for you.

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let me get in on this, like the milk man said, we are not here to hurt,but to help...u post ur crazy ideas, but u never listen...u need to get a life, some friends and a girl and worry about real problems instead of 3 mild red marks....u really need a f-u-c-k-i-n psychiatrist.

John hasnt posted in a 1 day, i think hes gone....could there be a comeback. cool.gif

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