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Apple Cider Vinegar & Tea Tree Oil

Alright, I used to be on this forum a long time ago when I started taking Accutaine and then later when I was using ProActive.

I wasn't able to continue on Accutaine because my health insurance was cut off and ProActive just sucked, and The Regimen didn't really work out for me either.

So I have been suffering with acne since that...doing a little of this, that, whatever I could to try to get rid of it.

Then last week my grandmother called me and told me all this information about apple cider vinegar. I thought I might as well do it, because I really don't have anything to lose.

Apple cider vinegar mask: (I only use organics)

-3 large strawberries

-1/4 apple cider vinegar

1- Mush the large strawberries with the a.c.v. and let it sit for two hours.

2- Strain the mixture through a cloth and put it on your face over night.

About a day before that I started using tea tree oil, and within a day I noticed my face had gotten considerably less pissed off than usual, just from the oil! My pimples weren't as red and they had gotten a bit smaller.

After the ONE time that I have used this mask and 5 days putting tea tree oil on my face twice a day my face is about 50%-60% better than it was 6 days ago.

My aunt was also having a lot problems with adult acne (acne prone skin runs in my family), so my grandmother told her about apple cider vinegar. Well, she mixed water and the a.c.v., boiled it and steamed her face. After doing it for about ten minutes once every day for five days her face is clear and her skin has a much better skin tone.

She is amazed. I am amazed. I just got finished doing my first steam because my aunt told me about it last night.

I hope all of you consider doing this, because it has been so unexpected I had to get online and tell people that are in my situation. A bottle of regular apple cider vinegar is less than a dollar; a big bottle of organic apple cider vinegar is about $4. Tea tree oil is a lot more expensive, a small vile for about $10. It is worth it though!! It is a natural anti-inflammatory and very cleansing for your skin. I am predicting that I will spend about $15 a month, give or take a few $.

I'm 19 years old and I have suffered from acne since I was 12. I've never had anything work like this and I have tried everything. I have been on lots of medications, accutaine twice, various different regimens and commercial acne products. I've even cut out dairy, meat and artificial chemicals from my diet. (I'm vegan for many reasons.) This is all natural, which is totally phenomenal. Please try this; it really just might work for you.



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hmm do you think you can elaborate on your aunt's regimen a bit? how much ACV to use, and how exactly do you 'steam' your face? Cuz strawberries are downright expensive here! /=

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