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hi guys i`ve been using it since like 3 years ago and i always could buy it at wallgreens, now since they are discontinuing this product..what is another moisturiser that would be as good as Eucerin?? I`m not sure why this moist. was so good for my skin was is Alpha Hydroxy Lotion in it or something else? but this product didn`t clog my pores and was perfect with BP.. Anything else ive used caused brakeouts and wasn`t as good as Eucerin.. GUYS anybody found a good substitue? Is EUCERIN RENEWAL without Alpha Hydroxy Lotion in it as good as with it? Or is it a different product?? Please guys help me out... I`m running out of my last bottle... eusa_pray.gif

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noticed that alpha hydrox product has corn oil and soy oil. Ick!

I don't know if anyone has tried that second product.

The only other product I can think of is the Neutrogena Healthy skin face lotion, the only drawback to it is that it is a much stronger AHA lotion than Eucerin skin renewal. And probably only good for once daily use, it's that strong.

Dan is looking into formulating his own moisturizer that would be similar to the Eucerin Skin Renewal, although I am sure it will be several months before that is available.

In the meantime, maybe just do some lable reading at your local store, there are so many moisturizers out there, I am sure there is probably something that is gentle and acceptable.

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actually gskowal,

that "kiss my face" peaches and cream one looks pretty good by description. I wonder how available it is in stores??

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its very availble at many stores. peaches and cream can do wonders for damaged skin. insane how much it helps the skin heal from irratation. but it also makes you face not just oily to the touch but you feel oily becasue it contains many oils. it also has a very strong cent. if you skin is peeling and damaged from the regimen theirs nothign better than peches and cream but id go with healthy skin because if you can handle it its just a killer at perfecting your face than anything else including skinrenewal. peaaches and cream may contian oil's but it doesent cause breakouts and is amazing stuff in a tight situation. my skin was peelign all over form the regimen after appling p and cream my face was fine again in two days time and thats just night application.

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