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forehead bumps that don't respond to treatment


i'm 43 years old and have minor adult acne.

i recently went to the beach and put some sunscreen oil on my face. ever since then, i got these little bumps all over my forehead.

i have good results with benzoyl peroxide on other parts of my face, but the bumps on my forehead just won't respond. it's been about 2 months now and they stay the same.

any advice on how to get rid of these stubborn bumps?


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Ok, I can't say for sure, since you haven't really described the bumps, but if they are the tiny blackheads or clogged pores that I used to have BP is not going to help the problem. BP kills the bacteria but does not exfoliate... the teeny comedones are not a bacterial problem...

Anyway you should try a beta hydroxy acid product which will exfoliate the surface of your skin and into the pore.... A salicylic acid topical is the best thing. I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment 2% SA, there is also a similar product by Paula's Choice, just look around.

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thanks for your suggestions.

btw, i live in mexico at the moment and the first thing i found (exfolient with sal. acid) was loreal pure zone.

i have been washing with this for a couple of weeks now and they still will not go away, and even a few more appeared.

it doesn't say the amount of sal. acid. maybe i should try to find a stronger product?

btw, the bumps are like little "under the surface" pimples.

any more suggestions?


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