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Wrinkles in the skin after using the BP on regimen?

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You can try a glycolic acid toner as part of your regimen. Glycolic acid didn't just revent wrinkles but also help to fade brown spots after previous acne and as well help to exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities.~..However, you should look for a lower concentration of glyolic acid...not more than 5% in a toner as the higher the concentration, the more irritation on your skin . Irritation ..then acne...is the last word..

recomended glycolic acid toner - Proactiv® revitalizing toner. ( the best )

or Neutrogena® pore refining toner.


garkee2002 :wink:

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yeah i get wrinkless to especially on my forehead after onyl applying little bit of bp.... grrrr i look old lol..

yeah i have the neutro toner as well and same question as toxi when is the best time to use it?

I remember dan's saying its better to add in one thing at a time to the regimen. But sometimesi dont follow the regimen exactly since my skin is flaking and drying because of the bp and had to skip some days before using it. Even though without using bp before and washing my face i still get flaking and drying but is not as bad when using bp.

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1. Cleanse face with your facial cleanser.

2. Pat dry, then apply the toner on a cotton and SMOOTH over skin gently with upward strokes. Make sure you smooth all over your face area.

3. Wait the toner to dry, then apply Benzoyl peroxide.

4. You probably don't need Moisturizer if your toner contains moisturizing components such as Pantenol( vitamin b5 complex ), allantoin ( botanical properties ), glycerin , sodium PCA or glycolic acid.

5. If you insist on a moisturizer, make sure it's lightweight and water -based and alcohol free and oil-free ~...


garkee2002 :roll:

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As I always state, don't put anything else into the regimen until you are clear. A toner is probably fine, but wait until you are clear. Then you can add in 1 variable at a time.

In the meantime, just know it is totally normal to experience dryness/redness and the accompanying temporary "wrinkling" for the first few weeks. This is why it is important to start slowly. When you skin becomes accustomed to bp, the wrinkling will subside.

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