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OXY 10 question... please answer!

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instead of the neutrogena on the spot, is it ok to use the OXY 10 bp? its 10% and i think it contains some amount of lotion. i already have som around the house and i think they make larger amounts of this stuff...

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45 people have read this... but no one replied?!?!

ok, i will answer myself.

it is ok to use because all it is, is a larger bottle of a higher concentration bp

Fuck no it isn't.

It's a lot less effective than 2.5% for two reasons:

1) It will dry you out like hell and cause MORE breakouts.

2) It doesn't absorb well, it discolours your faces and works less well than the 2.5%

Find the bottles, throw them out and get some real BP.



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The 2.5% does not work for me it actually causes more breakout's the Oxy 10% is the only thing with BP that seems to work. The point is this everyone is different what works for one will work for another as long as you find it works with you and your ok with using it then go ahead. Good Luck Man

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I run out of the 2.5% REALLY fast. Like I'm talking about 3 days. I have so many areas to cover. I don't know, my mom was saying how this is going to get really expensive so I guess I'll get a perscription for Benzaclin or something. I don't exactly know though. My acne isn't bad, I just have lots of red marks from previous acne and occasional pimples on my back, chest and face. I don't know what I'm going to do...

Dan- are there any larger amounts of 2.5% I'm thinking of using the 10% for my back like Zapzyt... if i don't get that prescription. The benzaclin is 5% which should be an equlibrium for all of my troubled spots.

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