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first time shave

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this will be my first time shaving..can any one offer a step by step and a list of good products to use for shaving (before and after)

thanks a lot.

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awesome dude, becoming a man.

Just get a shaving cream, probably something that says sensitive on it, foams are best atleast to start out with.

You can splash water if you want on your face first before putting on the foam, Id say its oppotional, I dont.

Apply the foam over the entire surface ur shaving so that theres maybe a quarter inch of it on the skin.

Use a razor (ill put down good shaving foams and razors at the bottom) and shave gently straight downwards not so hard as to cause bleeding but not to soft so that you dont cut the entire hair off. (this will take practice)

Do that for the entire area and the wash off or wipe away the excess shaving cream.

Its pretty simple and easy Im sure youll have no prob.

What I use to shave is:

gilette foam sensitive skin

and gilette sensorexcel razor (i love this its great, but u need to use new cartridges after a few weeks.)

good luck!

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the regimen states:

"make sure it is "non-comedogenic" and wash your face very gently afterwards with a cleansing bar or wash."

what good shaving foams are non-comedogenic.

thanks for the replies..

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I'm a big fan of nivia for men sensitive skin shaving gel, preshave wash, and aftershave.

Most mild, pleasant shaving product I've ever used.

I use a Sensor XL Blade... Electric gives me too many bumps etc.

Also, make sure that you go WITH the way that the hair is pointing. NOT just "downward" Because downward can mean different things to different people. Down WITH the hair's direction, I've found this makes a huge difference.

Like... crappy picture but

user posted image

You don't want to always be dragging directly to the floor, because if you do you might be tugging hair at an angle. I just recently learned this and it has been making a big difference on frequency of ingrown hairs.

Also, it helps to shave right out of a hot shower with light exfoliating scrub cleaners, at least for me. I don't use scrub all the time only before shaving, as it helps remove dead skin that might clog up in the process. Don't dry your face after getting out of shower RIGHT out of the shower, don't let your face dry up smile.gif Splash with warm water etc.

Make sure you do short strokes. I've found that as I drag the blade down my face, at the end of a stroke, its good to like turn the blade up, as it makes a good cut at the end and doesn't tug on any hair instead.

Shave cheeks first, neck second, under nose / above mouth third, and the chin last. That is the order of softest to toughest hairs so you want to give the tough ones time to absorb the shaving cream etc.

After shaving, wash off with warm water a few times, maybe a splash of cold, and with your skin still moist (but not dripping) apply some nice soothing aftershave (that has no alcohol, and elements like Vitamin A, chamomile etc.... like the Nivia stuff I use)

The trickiest part is the transition from like, your cheek to your neck, so always be careful, don't be too rough etc. Don't shave in big angled against the grain strokes like you see those perfect skinned dudes do with the Mach 3 (and please, avoid this razor at all costs, it destroyed my face and I am only now recovering)

Don't get mad if you don't get that perfectly smooth shave, its better to get a non-irritated shave than one that is baby-butt smooth but you get ingrown hairs the next morning or later that day.

I'm this specific because for me, bad shaving is the only thing that causes any pimples and is the most important thing for me to work on improving.

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ok thanks a lot for the reply...by the "light exfoliating scrub cleaners" you mentioned before, do you mean the nivea preshave wash?

and how does this fit into the regimen?...when do i appl the aftershave?

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