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Hi, new to the forum.

I've completed a 5 month course of roaccutane, finished at the end of Dec 2002. So it's been almost 6 months now. Acne has 95% gone, but occansionally get one spot on cheek. Have a few little bumps with dried white-heads on either side nose. I also have some acne scars. I have light asian skin. My scars are on my cheeks and are medium red, and I have a little mild indentation/craters. I am very self-conscious of these scars and cover with make-up powder. However, at the end of the day, powder changes colour and scars become visible, especially in hot weather when i sweat.

I am looking to purchase a manaji stick. How effective is this and what colour is best for light asian skin?

I have also recently started putting diluted apple cider vinegar on scars. I only currently do this at night, as i work during the day. How effective is this and when do you expect to see results?

Finally, i am probably going to have some form of laser treatement on my acne scars at some point. Which laser do you recommend for red scars with very little mild craters? What have been your experiences? I was thinking of the erbium YAG laser, due to the shorter recovery time compared to the harasher co2 laser. Anyone had this done?????

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I also have some mild reddish acne scarring on the end of the nose. Elicina tends to make skin redder and dryer. Not had any results with this in 3 weeks. Should i continue to use this for acne scars? anyone with any experience? What can definiatley make scars lighter from your experiences?

Thanks for any input.

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Make sure that you thoroughly research the various types of lasers that are in use. I also recommend that you see several good Plastic Surgeons and/or Dermatologists to get different opinions.

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