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I really need help with my acne!!!

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Okay to start things off I have dried out whiteheads on my chin and they wont go away. Does anyone know how to get rid of them. I also have pimples by my cheeks and on my forehead. I really need help to get rid of them. I tried this stuff that the doctor gave me, but it worked for awhile then it stopped working. Now I use Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment but i just started so I have to wait and watch...

But does anyone know any other fast and easy natural or even cleansers that will really help get rid of the pimples........Please I really NEED HELP!!!!!!! cry.gifcry.gifcry.gif

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hun, its just like losing weight, it takes time. MOST products take time, anyway.

whatever you do, dont pick at your whiteheads. i made that mistake plenty of times.

i have pimples on my cheeks and forehead. if you want to reduce the size of a large pimple a little bit, use toothepast on it. its kind of effective. not the greatest, but its something.

personally, i have given up all hope. im gonna have to live like this forever and i have faced it.

Good luck,

Ter (Tara)


Ell (Ellie)

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Have you tried the Regimen? I'm seeing slight results after a BIG DRASTIC CHANGE of major products.

Now just using 4 products and it's really working well, but my face is irritated and dry.

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Chill, it happens to everyone, relax, dont freak out and let them heal, if the problem persists or becomes serious either a. see a derm or b. try the regimen. But only if you have an acne problem. In the meantime, do not, I repeat do not, go over board and try everything you read on these forums thats how simple people go from having a couple pimples to having serious acne. They irritate the hell out of their skin over a couple of little ones and end up with a problem that continuously plagues them for years. Just chill, smile, and spot treat unless new ones keep showing each day, then try Dans clear skin regimen, and if that doesn't work then maybe consider accutane. Btw, what was the stuff your doctor gave you and if your worried about a guy or something its cool, a couple pimples give you character and actually make any girl a bit hotter, (Im assuming your female, if your not it still works the other way). smile.gif Also check the page on safely popping a pimple (main site) and consider using neosporin after popping.

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