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Just back from the Doctors...

...to ask him about my red marks. Basically when i made the appointment (2 weeks ago) i wanted to ask him about accupuncture for acne (incidentally he'd never heard of it for acne, but he said he'd research it for me) but my acne has cleared up since then so i just asked him if he could perscribe me anything for the marking.

Well, he gave me erythromycin, 6 weeks worth (4 bottles).

Anyone tried this for marking? Im just starting today, i'll let you all know how i get on with it.

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I thought erythromycin was an anti-biotic for active acne. I'm not sure though. Are they capsules/tablets? I use Retin-A so far for my red marks and it does the trick, however, you'll have to be very patient (3-6 months and i've seen improvement).

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Guest ldanielle

Where can I find more info on glycolic acid peels? eusa_think.gif I know nothing of them but it sounds like they work wonders on red marks from what I've read on these boards. Either that or people are over-exaggerating on how much stuff actually works which I have also found in some things I've tried mentioned on these boards.


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