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peeling skin from facial

i'm putting this in the prescription forum because i believe in part my problem has something to do with the topicals i use.

my dilemma: yesterday i got a facial from an esthetician. all went well, the few pimples i had were extracted, my face was feeling rejuvenated. i understood that my face would be red for a few hours, but hours later, i wake up to a visible line where one of the facial products she used was applied. it's symmetrical on both cheeks, and it turns out it's dead skin. i know this because it feels like leather, is hellaciously dried, is cracking, and has started to peel somewhat. the esthetician said none of this would happen. i'm pretty sure there's no possible way to reverse the what i believe to be dead skin, so that's going to shed. is there any way to speed up the process? should i pick at the flaking and peeling skin, and if i do, will there be any scarring from doing so? i'm trying to expedite the process, as i have school this week. i'm thinking it will be fairly quick, as the morning after has already produced some visible peeling. what do you guys think?

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oh, i am, but i'm pretty sure that's doing nothing for the already dead skin. i just want it to peel off fast. any other suggestions?

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