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Breaking out again! *RANT*

OK well

Rewind to about 2.5 weeks ago and previously up til then my skin was pretty nice... a zit here and there (like 3 at most). Now, its like I have a shitload of em coming up all on my chin and lower cheeks and even forehead.

I dont know if working 50 to 58 hrs a week finally caught up with me as well as not eating right or hardly at all... I dont know if its cause last saturday I wore mineral make up to work half day. I dont know if its cause I lost the love of my life (no folks, hes not dead but i still lost him)

I want to associate this with stress... or maybe it was from running out of Mandelic serum that I was using (the Nucelle kit). I ordered more and its a 15% serum which is making me dry (started it again last wednesday).

Anyways I was so embarrased to show my face at work yesterday- my make up looked really yellow compared to my normal color (revlon colorstay) and it was like coming off in spots and had wierd lines due to my skin's dryness right now so I was looking down a lot when my workers were talking to me and all that.

I am freaking 25 man. When will this bullshit stop???I thought i was getting near that point a few weeks ago but no, its back!

I hope this new mandelic kit will help me out, being a little higher strength as well.

I am not even focused on the scars anymore, just the damn pimples. My parents said its cause I use too much on my skin which isnt true- I use Nucelle mandelic kit, emu oil and sometimes if a pimple comes open, neosporin...

Well guys i felt like i needed a rant, I am going to hide behind my hair again!!!

One good thing was that over the weekend my friend introduced me to his friend and he really liked me even seeing how i was breaking out and all that which made me feel good about myself for a lil.

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Guest Marino

I can totally relate,

when you look back to the good old days when you 12 and got 2 or 3 people like any other normal teenanger,

then when you get older, and you think your about to grow out of it for good and you end up breaking out 30 times as bad.

I rather have acne in my teenange years and grow out of it after school when your social life really takes off and you need the confidence to get a job and start your own independant life.

It sucks i know, but your not the only one.

Best of luck with serum regime and i hope it clears you up in no time

Take care

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Yeah I am hoping it will help me out again as before... but for some reason its burning my face when I apply it. Maybe I am putting on too much?

Anyways I cannot wait to grow out of it (if ever) and not have to cake on makeup all the time.

I am trying so hard to not give a damn what people might be thinking about me. Today i ended up putting on too much powder (bronzer) and i got really dark looking. oh well, right???? lol

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stop using all these products and just wash your face with water. Wash thorughly though. Check the acne research forum. AlexAlmighty thread

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What do you mean all these products? I am using the Mandelic kit not like I am using 8 different types of products on my face from different companies. I dont think it will harm. Oh and i dont think the water will wash away my make up since its a long lasting type. lol

I still have dryness today and the pimples are getting smaller day by day... yay.

I was on dans regimen but got sick of redmarks... that worked great on the pimples.

I have scars so if i dont put make up on my entire face then it wont cover it. Cheeks are bad.

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