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Punch Incision

Well here is a post where a guy had incision done and reported great results


Finally I got to that point again where I felt like ending it all and I decided to try the most scary thing of all. I thought I might as well...what did I have to lose? So, I had the scars surgically removed one by one (except the icepicks. I'm working on that) and 3 linear scars that are mild and the result of Co2 laser. The ones I had surgically removed were the boxcars and rolling ones. They were incised not excised. My whole face was full of tiny stitches....36 of them in all!

I was really unhappy the first 3 months of healing. I thought I'd created a monster and I was freaked. But over time about 8 months I noticed that everthing was working out. Here was the KEY because so much skin was removed (in tiny parts), it made my skin tighter which I KNOW if you've ever pulled your skin tight you can see many of your scars flatten out and appear to disappear. It was an added bonus. I just wish I would've done it sooner.

I had to get rid of all the little red marks from the stitches. So I started off with some light peels and then had another Jessner's. That was in January. Now, I am basically scar free except for the *&(#@$ icepicks and linears. My skin texture went from a rippley effect to a muuuch smoother one I think because of all the peels and the stitches pulling the skin tighter. I did TCA Cross twice in March and it didn't do much. I'm hoping I can find a doctor who can do it. But so far the ones I've consulted with always push for "full face" peels.

My skin is by no means "perfect". After all these years and so many treatments I finally have HOPE and I'm not so insecure. I don't feel like hiding. I can actually look people in the eye which may not sound like much but to me that's huge progress.

I'd say I have about 90-95% improvement because I only have about a dozen tiny icepicks left and the linear scars are very mild, the dermabrasion helped to soften them. Keep in mind it took me 8 long years of failed treatments to finally figure out what to do. I'm actually thankful I became so hopefully desperate or else I would have never had the nerve to have the scars surgically removed.

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