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Guest Cubsfan

co2 laser & scheibner video

Cosmetic surgery stories on tabloid tv shows are paid advertisements masquerading as objective reporting like most of their stories.

story isn't there mate??

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To me the faces looks just like after good dermabrasions. And it seems like a TV company have just wanted to make a story which would scare people. They should see normal dermabrasion patients right after operation, it can look even worse. Also the scrubbing after couple of days is just normal.

None of the patients didn't show permanent scars after >1 month of the laser resurfacing. Also after deep dermabrasion the skin can be pinkish for almost a year. The deeper the operation is, longer it is going to take the skin color to return to normal.

If you want results, it has to be invasive, is the current fact. So called non-ivasive lasers which "stimulate collagen" are just hoax. No pain, no gain, it is a sad fact.

So I'd say, normal yellow press is that video.

But I do recommend dermabrasion over laser resurfing. Dermabrasion is more difficult and the doctor should be experienced. Many CO-laser users use it so lightly, they do not cause damage, but do not improve either. And the thermal injury with CO2-laser can be deeper than in the dermabrasion, which could kill fibroblasts or turn them even to cancer cells.

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