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Well I have been browsing the net and most of you probably know this but yeh i thought i'd make a post!

Its like them egg mask

But the Lemon! its awsome stuff

When you pop a pimple a few drops on a cotton but and 10 min on the spot will help serilize thie pimple and fade the red mark befor it gets old.

Of a night, Put some lemon on a cotton bud and slab it on your red marks and leave it on over night, you can apply it thought out the day, but just make sure you dont have make up on, other wise it wount be able to get throught to your skin properly.

Also. I am using it as a toner, im not sure if its good for a toner but meh, ive seen little improvement in my lighter scares.

I am also adding some lemon juice into my water, Makes it taste like lemon cordial. Yum! I also find it makes me thirsty, so i want to drink more of it, which is good for me because i am having alot of trouble drinking the right amount of water each day.

Well you probably all know that, but i thought id tell youa nyway.

Hope you try it and post your Progress.

BTW I guess you can use the lemon juice in the bottle, not sure. Would anyone be able to clear it up for me?

Ta. Brittany.

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also using lemon juice on your face makes you less oily smile.gif

i dont know if you can use lemon juice from the bottle wacko.gif

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