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Dusta and the regimen

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Howdy do de

I have been on the regimen 4 days now. I thinks this log will be good for when I get discouraged and I look back and realise I have come quite far.

I'm 23. Had mild/moderate acne since about 12, killed my self confidence during those years, since about 18 it started getting worse, at the same time I started uni. Brilliant stuff. Made me feel like someone who actually had acne. Before I could pretend I didn't, what with makeup and all.

So at 18 I got worse. Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more.

I have never been to a derm cos I am POOR eusa_boohoo.gif but I did go to the doctor on campus (free hehehe) and she gave me doxycicline, which did work. But then it stopped working, and then I went off it. And then I went on estelle, which is a birth control pill, which also worked, but I had to go off it cos I got MARRIED and I am CATHOLIC. So then I went on differin. Which did absolutely nothing. And now I am doing this.

I have done home remedy stuff over the years but I wont bore you with the details.

I have really oily nose and forehead, with blackheads/enlarged pores galore. Don't normally get pimples there though. My cheekbone area is really dry, no pimples there either. My chin area and around mouth, that is where the suckers live. Have pimples and red/ purple marks there. Lots and lots. Oh yes. Also get them reasonably often on my neck and chest and back. Damn it is awesome. Makes you feel REEEEAL purty eusa_wall.gif

I will have reasonably frequent updates. Cos I am writing up my thesis at the moment and will do ANYTHING to avoid it. Take now for instance, it is a beautiful sunday morning, I have come to work to do work and I am on the internet, sigh rolleyes.gif

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I am following dan to the T

Wash face with cetaphil, real gentle

after 15 min put 1/3 a finger of bp gel over the affected area on face

wait 10-15 minutes and moisturise well with Oil of Olay spf15

One modification is that I moisturise the real dry areas on my cheekbones immediately after washing with a heavy duty moisturiser that I can't stand on the rest of my face cos it is too thick and gluggy. I don't put bp gel on those bits tho

Not doing anything about my neck or chest or whatever, just focussing on the face at the mo.

Also, I am putting the bp gel on my forehead and nose even tho I don't get much acne there, I still get some, cos I am a lucky bastard, but I thought it might help the blackheads????? confused.gif

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You might notice I am writing this all on the same day ?? very observant, I am actually on the 4th day, just catching up.

Day 1 (started 25th of August)

Face is a fine pink colour. My hubby says I look embarrased. He would be right too. The red marks aren't so noticeable cos of the pink. My neck is highlighter white tho, whic makes my face look kinda funny.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say I have pale skin and I DON'T tan (lucky me).

Face feels tight, like I haven't moisturised but I DID!!!!

Have about 4 active pimples which is not that many. But I think it is cos I had my normal monthly breakout about 2 weeks ago, so this is my downtime.

I took pictures and everything but wont be posting them until I can figure out how to do that. Might therefore take a while.

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Day 2:

Owie face.

Feels tight and sore like I have been sunburned. Used a bit less than 1/3 of a fingerful this morning because I am a bit sensitive. Starting to flake

Kinda sux cos I am really careful about the sun (I live in NZ and can get burnt after about 9 minutes in the summer sun), and here I am burning myself without the help of the sun.

Oh well.

Bye bye from pink funny face

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Day 4

I have caught up with myself cos that is today! biggrin.gif

I went swimming this morning, all the while wondering what my face will be thinking. I got out of the pool and my entire face is flaking and white. Gross yes.

Plus they took away the shower curtains. What is that about. I had to have a shower in the nuddy with no curtain. I digress.

Moisturising a LOT, and DAM it stings after. Only lasts for about 30 min, but I hop round going owie owie owie, wondering why I do this to myself. Hubby wonders too, and I say (small voice) but I wanna look purty for you cry.gif , and then he rolled his eyes like this rolleyes.gif and then he does this eusa_naughty.gif , and then I do this eusa_snooty.gif I digress

Face feels REALLY tight, but I am still moistursing lots. Kinda lost my facial expression cos I feel like it is going to SPLIT if I open my mouth too wide or something.

Lotsa flaking. Still pink. Three active pimples and one is DANG SORE, right on my jawline though so you can't really see it.

Feel like I am wearing a mask.

Spose I should do some work now. SIGH!!!!!

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And I forgot to say that when I was staring at my nose in the mirror this morning the pores kinda looked like they where expelling their contents.

Like before, my nose pose looked like the seeds on a strawberry, like indented y'know??! But now they don't. If this was the old me I would be in there with fingernails trying to squeeze the gunk out. Sorry for putting you off your breakfast. Now however, I have been really trying not to touch my face, mainly cos it is sore. So, intersting development.

Could my pores be unblocking?? Or am I just losing so many layers of skin that the pores seem to be coming more to the surface.

k I am gonna do work now


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Day 5

you know when you spread PVA glue on your hand and then it dries and shrinks a little and makes your skin underneath go wrinkly?? That is what my face is feeling/looking like.

This morning after I put on my moisturiser it didn't sting as much and I reckon it didn't go as red. But it doesn't seem to help my chin area at all which is peeling lots.

In terms of pimples: that one on my jawline is still there, but doesn't seem to be getting bigger or smaller, jus sittin, waitin. I am getting another in pretty much the same place, and then another on the other side. There are two forming in the crease on my nose, and I have had this lump on my cheek for about 2 weekes which feels like it is gonna be a pimple, except it isn't coming to the surface. Another one biding its time before eruption.

What I am pleased about is that my chin is looking smoother. That is where I get all my pimples and I can't feel there are any coming up at all. So that's cool

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Day 6:

feeling like shite right now. My chin is horrible and peeling and crusty. Not sure how I can describe what it looks like.

I was really wanting to get through the first two weeks using the bp gel twice a day so that my skin can adjust quicker, but I can't stand the dryness and scaley effect that is having on my chin. The rest of my face that has the bp gel is fine tho, must be because those spots are oiler.

Looking in the mirror this morning I got pretty upset. I mean I don't really have much to be vain about on my face, not what you would call an attractive person, but now I got spots and dead white skin that wont come off and redness and cracking and GODAMMIT!

Hate this shit.

Now I am remembering what it was like back in high school. To be honest my acne wasn't that bad back then, but I thought it was terrible, and I walked round with my chin stuck to my chest, refusing to look people in the eye, hair hanging across face. I got some self confidence back in the last few years, despite my skin getting crappier. At least I would walk with my chin up. Now I just want to hide in a dark place.

Why do none of my moisturisers do anything??

Sorry about the woe is me speal. Crappy day is all


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Hey there, I'm a kiwi kid too, although I live in the states at the mo - I'm on day...err.. 29 and all is well, but in my first week I felt like I damn near burnt my face off. It wasnt as bad as when some dickhead aesthetician put me on some 15% acid 'moisturiser' though, so I stuck with it. And now just have red marks to deal with smile.gif (and still some dryness - *sigh* but thats better than whiteheads!)

Good luck - I hope you have success with the regimen very soon, its definitely worth the first 2 weeks of "WTF am I doing to myself??!!!"

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hey Kiwi, thanks for your reply. Things were getting on top of me this morning, mostly due to the #!^*#!! Masters grrrr evil.gif My theis is due in a couple of months so I was stressing a bit and my skin situation didn't help.

I think I have sensitive skin and so I am going to use the bp once a day in the evening for a bit to try to adjust my skin to it a bit slower.

I bought 6 bottles of dans gel so I am not quitting now

HAHA to you pimples!

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ONE WEEK hoo-raa

Maybe this time next week the peeliness will have calmed down

Ok, my skin is not so tight because it has broken into a million pieces and is slowly carpeting my desk. I am santa claus with a fluffy white beard.

I have stopped putting bp on my chin in the mornings because of the reaction, but I am still putting it on my nose and forehead because they seem to be taking it better. I am spot treating the chin pimples in the morning.

Face not going so red on using the bp. goody goody.

The two pimples on my nose seem to have gone. I have no idea what that spot on my cheek is doing (would that be called a cyst?? hmmm). It is a lovely purple colour, not going to a whitehead or anything. Hasn't changed size/shape/colour in the last 2 weeks.

I have 2 more big fellas on my jawline, they are under all the flaking but they are still there.

I am having trouble not touching my face. It is like I have facial dandruff and I just want to rub it all off or exfoliate it away.


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Day 8:

My skin is only going a bit pink after the bp is on now (only happens after I rub in the moisturiser for some reason?), so I thought I would start putting a little bit of bp on my chin in the morning, probably about a fingernails width, not very much.

The bp kills whiteheads really good, I have a couple of those come up and go down really fast, I am getting a new red spot though, and my other ones are still there. Probably takes a while to work on those.

Chin skin still flaking off, trying my damndest not to touch it. Although I have been peeling off a few big flakes. I have also been putting on some skin repair cream, which is pretty heavy duty, and I am not sure if it is non-comedogenic, as it is for hand and body, but it says it is for cracked and peeling skin, and that is what I have.

I will stop using it when I stop flaking away. Only using it on my chin though, my non-oily bits.

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Day 9:

Cracked/dead skin now all peeled off around my chin area, but now it is happening on my forehead and cheeks woot woot eusa_dance.gif

No longer have a fluffy white beard but kinda have fluffy white sideburns. Beyond caring at the mo.

In terms of pimples, got a new cyst coming up on my left cheek. That makes 3 cysts now, but one is going down. Had a couple of whiteheads coming up but they got killed within about a day. Noticing more blackheads though sad.gif I reckon it is because I have stopped exfoliating. Am I reeeaally not allowed to exfoliate??? reeeaaally??

One cool thing tho, I realise I have that neutrogena AHA lotion. What are the odds of that aye, it was one of those one off, maybe this will do something, use 1/4, doesn't seem to do anything buys. Still in my drawer. AWESOME!! I hate having unused bottles of stuff. Makes me feel messy and reminds me of the COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY.

I wont be using it until I am using the full finger of bp gel and my face has adjusted. Might be a while.

I am still using 1/3 a finger of bp. I think I will start using more tonight because my face is feeling okay.

SPRING IS HERE biggrin.gif WE HAVE DAFFODILS biggrin.gif

so pretty

it's the little things I tell you

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Day 10:

Only a bit of extremely peeling skin around my cheeks now. My chin is fine, but my brow is feeling dry and is flaking a wee bit. Nothin major though, not after my chin experience.

Going good really. Of those three cysts I had, one has completely gone, the other two haven't really changed. One of them is really sore, couldn't sleep with my cheek on the pillow on that side. Odd because I have never experienced that before. Other than that, I don't seem to be having any new ones come up anywhere.

The real test will be in about 1-2 weeks, when I will be having a breakout around ovulation time. Happens every month.

I have started spot treating the pimples on my back with bp gel. It is awesome stuff. I have only used it once before and it didn't seem to do anything so I never tried it again.

Top marks to you dan for creating this stuff eusa_clap.gifeusa_clap.gifeusa_clap.gifeusa_clap.gif

(and don't seem to be noticing any bleaching effect, but perhaps that is because I am not using much??)

oh, and now I have increased the bp dosage to 1/2 a finger

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Day 11:

those two cysts on my cheeks feel smaller. My chin has no new pimples forming as yet which is a big change, and very cool. I was feeling if there were any under the surface last night and there were these lumps and I was thinking uh oh, here we go again, then I realised that it was my chin bone DOH biggrin.gif All good.

I have two coming up on my forehead, one smack in the middle and one by my eyebrow. Don't normally get them there but that doesn't mean that I DON"T get them there. Only little ones though, not sore or anything.

I was very naughty last night. I had this blackhead that was sticking out of the surface of the skin and it had been there for 3 days. I had been so wanting to get rid of it, and last night I succumbed. Then I got into kind of an extraction frenzy, and tried my hand at another one on my chin, then I took a deep breath and stepped away from the mirror. I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, spending 1 hour infront of the mirror squeezing everything in sight. So yes I was naughty, but I did stop before I went crazy, so I am patting myself on the back for that.

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Day 12:

Last night when I put on the bp and then the moisturiser my face was stinging again like when I started the regimen. I am confused here. I was using 1/2 a finger of bp still, did I perhaps rub it in a bit better or something? I ended up putting a packet of frozen peas on my face to try and cool it down. I was getting upset because I didn't want my chin to start peeling again like what I went through last week. So I ended up washing it off before I went to bed. This morning I didn't put any on because I thought a break might be good. I will try again tonight with less than 1/2 a finger.

I have a lump coming up under my lip. And I have a red pimple smack in the middle of my forehead. It looks pretty daft but I am not bothered by it unless I am looking in a mirror. The two cycsts are still there (I spot treated them with bp this morning) and not as sore, but they are taking forever to go down.

I really hope diet and acne aren't related because I have been eating so badly recently. I think I am going to gain so much weight before I finish masters doubt.gifeusa_wall.gif

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Day 13:

Okay. I am getting flakey again. I have been doing some regimen reading though and it seems that the flaking comes in cycles. So you will be looking good, then you will start flaking, then a bit worse, then it will all flake off and you will look fine for a bit then the cycle continues. From what it seems, there is not much you can do about this except ride it out and start using the AHA moisturiser when you have been going for a bit with the bp.

Unfortunately I have sensitive skin and so it is going to take me a while before I am ready to use the moisturiser I believe. That is ok tho, cos it is at my mums house and I wont be visiting her for a couple of weeks at least. So at least I wont be tempted to put it on before I am ready.

My bp dosage is now: 1/2 finger at night, 1/3 finger during day.

Pimples: those two buggers that wont go down, plus another under my lip, and I reckon another is coming on my chin, and one on my forehead which is scabbing over. I haven't had any whiteheads for a while. Although I would MUCH rather get those than the cycsts that I am getting. Whiteheads respond really quickly to bp.

This is the time that I start breaking out each month, so we will see what happens

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hurrah! eusa_dance.gifeusa_clap.gifeusa_pray.gif

so I have got to the big one four days.

Yes my skin if less flaky than a week ago, but not by much. I have gotten into a really bad habit when I am sitting at my desk, in that I pull my sleeve over my hand and start wiping my face. It causes the loose dead skin to come off and looks like dandruff all over my sleeve. I know I shouldn't be doing this but the flaking is really hard to live with.


Last night before I went to bed (about 2 hrs after I had washed face, applied bp and moisturiser) I put more bp on those really big spots that aren't going down. This is probably not strictly the regimen, or is it?? stuffed if I know really.

I was really wanted to hit those suckers into submission, so I am thinking of doing the same thing at lunchtime today. I am wondering if they need constant bp application because the way I have been applying it for the past 2 weeks doesn't seem to be doing anything to the one on my cheek.

So I think I will do that until further notice.

Still on 1/2 a finger of bp, haven't got any stinging recently

I am thinking noone reads my posts cry.gif . I think I should have had a better log title eusa_think.gif

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I read your posts. I think you're hilarious actually. I kinda look forward to your updates.

Keep in mind that bp doesn't do a ton to get rid of current acne. It's best at preventing stuff from coming up in the future. So put your attention there. What you have now will resolve itself. What's important is to prevent future breakouts.

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biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif THANKYOU DAN!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

I feel all giggly like I just met a celebrity.

Two Weeks and one day/15 days:

I am definitely hearing what you are saying about the current acne thing, but I have the power of positive thought! So even if it wont do anything, I am hopeful that it will, and I feel better. See? Then it feels like I am not being held hostage by my pimples. I am fighting back armed with bp!! ninja.gif

My positive though processes believe that the two cysts are slightly diminished in size. The one under my lip came to a head yesterday, was huge last night, and was going hard like it was starting to scab this morning. I got rid of some of the puss this morning by LANCING it, because big scabs have a habit of being knocked off before they are ready and leaving a scar. I have never used a needle to pop pimples before. Did you know that if you hold a needle in a flame it gets really hot and you drop it? I am ashamed to say that did not occur to me this morning rolleyes.gif

I have facial dandruff in my eyebows biggrin.gif cool huh

If you shave your head can you still get dandruf??

PS. I totally cleaned up the lab yesterday because I was procrastinating and noone even noticed! humph! I think males have an inability to see dirt

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16 days:

To be honest I don't have much to report. Haven't got any new pimples, the ones I do have I think are going down slowly. I am quite happy with my skin at the moment really. It is a nice feeling when you don't have any new ones coming up. I am one of those people who get a bit obsessed, so if I feel one under the skin then the whole day I'll be like: is it still there? (hand goes to check), yes it is still there. Is it any bigger (hand goes to check), yes it might be a bit bigger. Is it more painful? (hand goes to check), yes it might be more painful......5 min later, is it still there? (hand goes to check).....you get the picture.

I am in the downtime of flakiness. It is not being too bad at the moment. Still on half a finger of bp. I haven't had any stinging on application for a while and so I am thinking I might increase the amount a little bit. Or maybe I shouldn't as it wasn't that long ago since I increased it to 1/2 a finger?? hmmm, maybe I will increase it tonight and see how it feels. Tomorrow is the weekend so there wont be anyone at work to look at me funny if my face goes red again.

I just read over my posts and I said on day 13 that that was the time I normally start breaking out. That was a LIE! (not a proper lie tho, I was confused). Actually the time I start breaking out hasn't come yet. I have come to realise that it occurs once ovulation has occurred (I know when that hapens now cos I use the symptothermo method of contraception.....you probably didn't need to know that, sorry) anyway, between that time and the time of my period is when I break out. I did do some research as why this might be, and it may be the increase in progesterone, but I didn't really come across a definitive answer.

I have managed to write a lot for someone with not much to report, hehe eusa_shifty.gif

oh, and I was wrong about the males not being able to see dirt thing. Ian noticed the clean lab yesterday. Sorry to all clean males out there, I misjudged you

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17 days:

That one cyst on my cheek that I have been complaining about in almost all my posts is on its way OUT! hurrah for that. He is taking his other cyst buddy with him too. AND GOOD RIDDANCE! I have been putting bp gell on those spots additional times during the day. I have no idea if it helped or not. It made me feel like I was helping. I probably should have only done that to one and then used the other as a control. No matter though.

That big pimple under my lip had scabbed over and the scab fell off last night when I was washing my face sad.gif I don't know if that was because it was ready to come off or because I wasn't as gentle as I should have been when washing. It feels like all the pimple has gone from that area though, which it usually doesn't feel like if the scab comes off before they are ready.

My face is flaky again wacko.gif

I did actually put a bit more bp gel on last night. Not much more though. I did all my face as usually, then I put a bit more on my chin. Probably explain the peeling today.

I am going to Hamilton on tuesday so I will be seeing my mum and picking up the neutrogena. I have heard it is rather strong so I will have to be strong (KIA KAHA!) and not use it for a while. (I love slapping the products on)

E noho ra

ka kite ano


(that was from me watching the Maori channel this morning)

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18 days:

I got a whitehead on my cheek this morning. ONE WHITEHEAD!! I am getting freaked, I think my skin is regressing, I think I have to try something else!!!

just kidding.

I was reading some posts about the regimen and people seem to get discouraged so easily. I am used to getting zits so it is not a big deal when I get lots. Although I hate it when they are huge paainful ones, because you are aware of them ALL the time.

BRING ON THE WHITEHEADS! I like whiteheads. I would choose them anyday over the usual cysts. So yeah, I got a whitehead on my left cheek. The law of symmetricity means that tomorrow I will get one on my other cheek, because my face likes being symmetric that way.

A while ago I started drinking soy milk instead of cow's milk because of a dodgy report that I read, which I don't really believe, but I thought I would try it. Can't tell you if it has done anything because I started the regimen soon after. I ran out of milk on friday and been drinking cows milk for the past 2 days and I got stomach aches. I find that odd.

And the time between NOW and TWO WEEKS HENCE. Is when I normally breakout. Sorry about the confusion before

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19 days:


I am obviously not used to the flaking yet because I tend to hide away when my face is at its worst with the peelies. hmmm

Tomorrow I am going to Hamilton and I will be picking up my Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion. Now, what I have decided is that every second evening or so I will put it on my chin, starting for 30 min and building up to a couple of hours, then wash it off and apply my nightly regimen as normal. I thought this would give my skin a chance to build up tolerance to it without aggravation. I will start tomorrow evening, so that is almost 3 weeks I will have been doing the regimen.

Anyone got any suggestions for that??? Sound ok????

Pimples: the cyst that was one my cheeks for weeks popper last night when I was putting my moisturiser on. It hadn't developed a whitehead or anything, just happened, so hurrah, that annoying one has gone. That whitehead on my left cheek is a bit sore so I think it is going to GROW. And I got one in my eyebrow. I didn't notice until it too popped. That is all. Two pimples and millions of flakies. biggrin.gif

Ps. The term whitehead always reminds me of a spider, there are white-tails and red-backs, sounds like they belong together huh?

I wont be posting tomorrow because I am going to H-TOWN!!! (apparantly it is home of the mullet). My mum has got the BEST chocolate cake in her freezer and I am going HAVE SOME. mmmmmm, chocolate cake, gurgle gurgle eusa_drool.gifeusa_drool.gif

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yup, that is right, a whole 21 days biggrin.gif

Today is a not so flakey day. I got the healthy skin moisturiser but I haven't used it yet.

When I saw my mum yesterday for the first time in a month she said my face was looking SOO much better. I remain slightly dubious (I am difficult to convice) because the last time she saw me I had pimples everywhere because it was that time of the month. So, although I do think I have improved, I don't think I have improved as much as she thinks. Don't get me wrong though, I am very happy with the results thus far.

What I thought was an ordinary whitehead on my cheek has revealed to be a cyst in disguise eusa_dance.gif and the area by that one cyst on the other cheek which took about a month to go down (and left a very vivid purple mark), is now home to another lump, which hasn't come up yet but I can feel it. What did I tell you about that symmetric thing tho!!!!

I am still using about 1/2 a finger of bp but I squeeze it out a bit thicker and so I am using a bit more.

My sister once said that a dude was a camel's bottom. Is that right?

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