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I personally did not like it. However it might be different for you because I am a guy and I had very oily skin. Basically the whole "blue fades redness" is bull. It makes your face look really blue and I didnt see any improvements in the oil on my face.

i would not recommend, but i guess its worth a try I dont remember it being very expensice

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I have very light skin and I did not like it. It made me look ghostly and even when I applied it very lightly it still gave a bluish cast to my skin.

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The blueness is an okay tint because it cancels out the yellow and to a lesser extent red. It can leave a blue residue if applied too much or on too oily a face. It would be perfect for people with a high yellow under-tone in their skin, since it will make your complexion more pure. Most people of Asian heritage will benefit from this powder, as their complexion has a lot of yellow under-tone.

I recommend an oil-blot powder from MAC or Clinique instead. They are more expensive, but they are skin-toned and won't alter colour.

Whichever one you choose, I recommend using a mattifying paper (or a blot sheet, whatever you call it) before, otherwise the powder will come on cakey.

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