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Guest frogprince

Anybody with acne AND hairloss problems?

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Guest frogprince

Do any of you guys experience acne AND hairloss? They are both in the same field

involving dihydrotestosterone.

Aside from your acne, is your hairline receding? Is your hair thinning? Is your hair falling off?

What treatments are you taking for your acne AND your hairloss? Anybody with success?

For me, I have managed to get my acne under control with a proper diet along with Dan's BP gel. However, my hair line has been receding. I don't want to be bald! no!!!

I have been using Rogaine on my scalp for over two months and it hasn't helped at all. I am afraid of most of the oral medications such as Propecia and Avodart. I simply don't want to take anything that will effect my sex drive. However, I'm thinking of adding Nizoral to my hair regime.

lastly, do any of you guys know a website with forums that is high quality similar to acne.org except that it deals with hairloss?

I know www.hairlosshelp.com is decent site.

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yeah i have acne and my hair is really thinning especially at the front though im a girl so may be different i dont know but its scary and i dotn know what to do about it my acne went away on tetracycline a couple years ago but about a year ago it came back around the same time my hair started thinning

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