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How to choose an over-the-counter acne medication.

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Over the counter medication is meant to help to get rid of the acne that has existed and yet if use it continuosly will help to prevent acne.

DAN's acne.org recommended a regimen with a few steps will help you to prevent acne from forming. The main active ingredient in over-the-counter(OTP) products nowadays are mostly Benzoyl peroxide (BP), Salicylic acid ( BHA) while resornicol and sulfur can be used but they are OUTDATED...as they may irritate your skin.


HOw to choose or select a OTP...???

Dan recommended NEUTROGENA's On-the-spot acne medication that come in 0.75FL.Oz.

1. You need to know how many percentage of the active ingredient inside the product. If you have considered to buy a BP one..then there are 3 kinds of it in the drugstore..the 2.5%, 5% and 10% . The 2.5% is more gentler to the others and can be used daily..as what has Dan recommended. The percentage means how fast the acne will be healed. Surely you will rush to 10% b'cos you want fast action..right???but some people will become dry and irritated due to higer doses. So, be patient, try the lower concentration...and if no allergic reaction or dryness or irritation occured, you are free to try the higer doses..but must be carefull. There are 3% of people that is allergied to BP..so they have to find for another alternative...probably the BHA..salicylic acid. The BHA is meant to peel off the acne..and reveal newer skin cell..as it also enchance the reproduction of new skin cell. BP is meant to kill P.acne...and releases clogged pores.However, there are also people that are allergic to BHA salicylic acid as this acid is also one part of aspririn, those who is allergic to aspirin CANNOT use it....

2. Some OTP medication come in a more pure form. I mean there aren't any moisturizing ingredient added inside the medication. They will dry your skin out very fast..your skin will begin to peel..red rash...irritation and well...ACNE....aggravation...well..you don't want it...right???Use as long as moisturizer with a OTP is a good consideration...I recommend NEUTROGENA combination skin moisture but it didn't have a sunscreen..just a pity . It controls shines very good with it's microsponge® system.... Anyway, a glycolic acid (AHA) moisturizer is OK....as long it will help to keep your skin GOOD..


3. SUNSCREEN...I discovered when you buy a NEUTROGENA on-the-spot vanishing formula , there aren't TITANIUM DIOXIDE added inside the product while the TINTED one has it. WEll...sunscreen is so important because every ACNE preparation will make your skin sensitize to sunlight.. You want to protect yourself...and cherish your skin ..right???

Okie..that's all..of my 3 series...

1. HOW to choose a acne cleanser

2. HOW to choose a toner

3 HOW to choose a OTP

HOpefully these articles can assist you before you consider to buy any ACNE products....just be smart...

god bless you all...

cheers, :wink:


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These are my recommended OTP products.

1.Neutrogena On-the-Spot On-the-Spot Acne Patch

-Visibly reduces the appearance of pimples while you sleep.

Cooling hydro-gel acne treatment patch.

Contains a proven acne fighting ingredient that works all night.

Won't rub off.

2.Neutrogena On-the-Spot On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, Vanishing Formula

-Less Irritation, Won't Dry Out Skin. Relieves redness of acne pimples and overdrying of skin. Minimizes Shine. Invisible formula contains natural, oil-absorbing ingredients that help soak up oil and keep skin looking shine-free. Long-Lasting Protection. Works hour after hour to give long-lasting acne treatment and protection. With regular use, it helps stop new pimples before they appear.

Hopefully can help,

will update soon

god bless you all,



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