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neutrogena skin clearing moisturizer?

hi! has anyone tried to neutrogena moisturizer with sal. acid and retinol??? has it worked for anyone? sal. acid works well with me, but maybe by combining it with moisturizer ingredients it will just clog my pores? what do you guys think?

thanks a lot!

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I tried it, but did not give it enough time to tell if it works. It is quite expensive for the amount you get. Don't be fooled by the big box. It contains a small tube of product. IMO, deceptive advertising on their part. [-X It goes on greasy, and left my skin feeling greasy. Let us know how it works for you.

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1 oz, which yes, is quite a bit smaller than the box they place it in. You should probably buy it in person at the grocery/drug store. That way, you can open up the box and see how large the tube is- it might affect whether or not you think it's worth your money.

It does a really good job of moisturizing for the large amount of salicylic acid in it. Several companies have recently come out with moisturizers containing .5% SA (the neut skin-clearing is 2%), and they don't moisturize whatsoever (and my skin does need a moisturizer or else it feels tight and dry).

They recently repackaged the product, and it's now a few dollars more ($11-12-something instead of $9-something per that 1 oz tube). I don't really think it's worth the money. I tried it again recently as well. The acne I had at the time didn't subside any sooner, and the spots didn't seem to either. Topicals don't seem to do much for my acne however, so it might work better for others. A mixture of my good old Cetaphil moisturizer and Aloe vera gel (J/A/S/O/N) seems to do a much better job of soothing the acne and healing marks. I'm still going to use up the rest of the tube and see if I notice any improvements though.

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I am using it, I think i bought it about 1 week ago. and have been using every night and day.

it is really working great.

before starting roaccutane i used bp which caused most of my red marks.

Stoped using bp and was put on roaccutane and really wanted to get rid of these annoying red marks.

and i seen loadsa posts on this stuff so i thought i would try it. was a bit worried though seen as though it has the acid in it. I thought it may be a bit harsh to use while on tane. but like i said i have been using it for nearlyl a whole week and it is doing great

it is fading em pretty fast and by the end of my accutane treatment hopefully my face will b 100% clear.

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