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If You Read This You Are Guarenteed To Get Laid

So I've tried to get rid of my red marks and they have faded somewhat and are no longer that clustered together, but in doing so I realized something that isn't too exciting...I have acne buried in my red marks. So, what I am asking is what products have you guys tried that seemed to kill acne best but also didn't cause your red marks to last longer or become redder? As of right now I am liberally applying this Clearasil moisturizer that contains 2% Salycic Acid to my entire face, followed by my Celazome lightening cream. I also use that Proactive toner on my neck to try and beat up the acne on my neck.

I'm basically looking for something that isn't extremely drying 'cause I hate being like, whoa, my red marks are fading, oh wait no, that's dead skin covering them up, feel me? Sorry if I seem to be asking too much...

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104 people wanted to get laid but no one responded, hehe.

I think that's the difference between red marks that fade in weeks or a few months and those that take much longer, eg. years.

The ones that don't really heal have "unfinished business" there, like bacteria that is trapped and stopping them heal. You need to get the marks to break out again and make sure you get rid of all the bacteria so they heal.

Im not sure exactly how to do this, probably the acids like glycolic, mandelic, lactic and the salcylic that your using.

Or try the homeopathic remedy silicea 6x (which Im now back on after stopping it cos I thought it was breaking me out many months after I started, I have now identified something else that was causing that and Im trying to get rid of all the new marks I now have, grr).

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I should have said if you give a good reply to this you are guarenteed to get laid...oh well...

I thought I read somewhere that it was bad to break out where you had red marks? And I'm not trying to say you're wrong I was just wondering. But I seem to do something that is making me break out. I'm starting to think it's this lightening cream that I'm applying cuz it seems rather thick but it says it's bueno for acne prone skin...I have registration this week (aka, getting my picture taken) and it sucks mad.gif . I would try using BP but I'm afraid of making my red marks worse, so maybe tea tree oil?

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I just ordered puredeming Intense Gel R-ALA because I read through the pinned post about peoples top 5 products and that cropped up A LOT. It's quite expensive but a fraction cheaper if you order off their website instead of ebay, it says it does nothing for active acne tho.

From my experience of marks that wouldn't heal its after they break out that I see healing taking place, but thats really if their still raised. Are they smooth/flat or raised?

what are the ingredients of the lightening gel? the downside of that is that it makes all your skin lighter, and red marks show most the lighter your skin, I should know Im really pale, boo sad.gif

If your having your picture taken I suggest getting a concealer. It's very important to get one that EXACTLY matches your skin colour, if your not used to applying it be sure to look in a mirror in several rooms / places to ensure you have blended it properly, as your skin and the concealer will look completely different under different lighting conditions.

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I was also looking at the Intense Gel R-ALA and thinking of buying it, that or the Clarity C Serum off of e-bay.

I would say that most of my red marks are raised and those are the ones that seem to stick out the most cry.gif , but there are some that are flat.

I was thinking about using a concealer but I'm not too sure that I would want to try it myself because I don't want girls who can tell to tell, although I did wear some to my last picture day because I had a black eye...

I dunno if anything like this happens to you, but I'll be sitting in my computer area with the lights off and then walk into the bathroom and turn the light on and my face looks like shit, but then after like a minute, my face seems to look better. Just wondering if anyone else is like that...

Someone, help me get a beautiful face! biggrin.gif

edit: Forgot to post what is in my Cream...Ah! It doesn't say on the container, but it does on the box which isn't here...I know it has Hydroquinone 2% and some Glycolic Acid but that's about all I know, and I know that doesn't help in trying to figure out if it causes me to break out.

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