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What would you be doing if you were clear?

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I'd put on a sassy top I'd never wear and go around walking downtown and then go clubbing. You know, the usual, break some hearts and maybe an ankle wearing a mini skirt and stiletto heels. I'd put my hair up and let it all shine out, and go try on some dresses (maybe buy a couple).

Then I'd go home, get into some pajamas, and eat a ton of ice cream. :wub:

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Probably cry....but it would be a happy cry...then I would dance a very ugly dance and run all over my house screaming "I'm clear, I'm clear"...probably wake up everyone living around me....they would call the police and I would be taken to a mental hospital for "psychological testing"....but first I would cry...because I would be so happy!

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hmmmm, life doesn't change that much when your clear. I had kinda bad acne before and I thought if it went away I would be happy. Welll i've been perfectly acne free for ages.... I was happier for a while yes. Then went back to feeling unhappy. I think if acne effects you that much then theres a deeper problem. I know people with severe acne who still get loads of girls and have a great social life. Some people with acne just tend to blame it on all their problems. But for a majority of people, even when the acne is gone, they still don't feel happy and still have the same problems as before.

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Drusilla, from the posts I've read you seem like a nice person and you are pretty whether you think so or not. I bet the only reason you don't have a boyfriend is because they're too scared to approach you.

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