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PLEASE HELP! :( in dire straits...

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alright, good friends... let me give you a brief overview of what has been happening: three weeks ago, skin was okay except for bad breakout on the right side... started the regimen- it cleared up nicely the first week. last week it just kept getting worse and worse- new breakouts everyday... (this has all been chronicled on my Personal Log- Fatima's Log...! if you'd care to take a look) so this week, yesterday actually, i stopped the regimen. garkee left me a post saying that perhaps my skin was too irritated...? anyways, i've gone back to doing what i was doing before the regimen: mild wash, differin gel in the a.m. and mild wash and retin-a at night... however, my skin is now broken out worse than it's ever been... mostly around my nose and mouth/chin but still just about everywhere... what went wrong?! and what can i do to fix it?? please help. any advice would be VERY much appreciated. :cry::):)

thank you all in advance.

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Please dont doubt the regimen, I did, but found that I wasnt sticking to it exactly. As soon as I did the result showed right away.

How many times a day are you washing? - Wash once in the morning and once at night VERY, VERY, VERY GENTLY! barely touch your face, and only do it for a short time, like 10/15 seconds. PAT DRY VERY VERY SOFTLY

Are you using the right cleanser? make sure its one that Dan prescribes.

How long have you being doing this? Have you started up real slow then really ramped up the amount of BP?

dont give up hope! :)

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I just studied your log and here's what I found:

1. You switched products many times, but always were using at least 1 product that I have never tried or know to work well within the regimen. Clinique, St. Ives cleanser with salicylic acid, clean & clear to name 3.

2. You were already dry from several prescriptions you were on when you began. I recommend taking a week or so off from anything you were previously on to cut down on irritation.

3. You used too much bp to start and dryed out your face too quickly. This caused you to ramp your dosage down and up several times subsequently.

4. You stopped moisturing altogether when your dryness first subsided.

5. You were using "lots and lots" of bp on top of dryness, rather than starting slowly and avoiding this irritation.

6. You were not following the video on moisturizer application, and were instead just putting it on your skin and letting it absorb itself.

7. You were washing too roughly.

So, my conclusion: you have never been on the regimen. That's actually good news. Take a week or two and stop everything. Then let your skin get back to normal. Start up the regimen again, this time being a stickler for details. Print it out and watch the videos several times. Start slowly, and ramp up the dosage of bp over time.

This is how it works.


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Just recently I've learned that doing more does less. It is hard not to try and wash the acne off. I have done this many times, you'd think I could learn. But if you can, try just a few simple things. Sleep 2 or 3 more hours than normal, nap if you have to. Drink more water, and try to exclude soda/fizzy completly. Lemon and Mint are natural antibacterials. Try putting some drops of Lemon or Mint oil into your water. Mint is extreeeemly strong, so only put about 2 drops in a large glass. (Be careful you don't get either of these oils near your eyes!) If you happen to carry around a bottle of water, put 5-8 drops of lemon oil in it, and drink only that. I have on occasion put the oil directly on a bad zit, and found it to help dry it out. But not every time. Some zits seem indistructable. And if you can bring yourself to do it, go to bed with nothing on your face. No creams, no potions, nothing. Give it a chance.

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