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Well, whilst on a vacation in minnesota, where I stayed at a cabin with forest all around near a lake...I suddenly woke up one morning with Largebumps all over my back...

I picked at them and started freaking out. I had never gotten acne on my back....at the same time however, 2 of my cousins had poison ivy on their arms. I then started thinking that perhaps this was poison ivy on my back rather than acne. I continued to pick at it (and then wash my hands). I also used facial scrubs on my back which helped somewhat.

Suddenly, small bumps appeared on my chest....This is where I got scared. My face was the same as normal, but when we got back home (Texas), my back cleared up, and my chest did too. My face however, has very large pimples on my chin.....Ive never sen it worse...

I am going to try jessicas neosporin regimen thing...

I need to know if this is poison ivy, or not. When A pimple is popped, first blood comes out then a very dark grey substance...Its really weird looking. I have uncontrollable urges to pick at my acne. Perhaps this is what is causing my chin to break out (By picking at existing acne, I spread it all over my mouth/chin area).

Your thoughts? eusa_wall.gif

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i get poison ivy at least once a year.

does it itch?

does it feel awesome when you take a warm/hot shower?

blood usually doesnt come out of poison ivy blisters unless you scratch insanely hard. if you do that, then you might scar. i have some scars on my leg from this.

try not to touch whatever it is. picking can cause both acne and poison ivy to get worse.

if its poison ivy, it should start to dry up in about 2 weeks.

if its acne... its gonna take some time.

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