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Major acne/rash problem after dermabrasion

Someone help.... I am having what I call blister pimples come up all over my face. They are tiny and millions of them and they burn and itch at times. My whole face hurts and it never has done this before. I am almost 3 months post op from dermabrasion.

I thought maybe they could be millia but they dont really look like them. Millia to me look like tiny underground white heads. Mine look line tiny red blisters and they and they take forever to go down and then they seem to come right back.

My PS told me to use hydrocortisone and it didnt really work. My derm then told me to use brevoxyl wash, benzaclin and tazorac with a doryx prescription, but my face is only getting worse and hurting more.

Plus I have some major hyperpigmentation that I can not treat with the bleaching creams as they seem to be irritating my face even worse.

Help, I am nervous that my dermabrasion has brought back a major surge of acne or something. If this happened to you, how long did it take to clear up?



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When I've had tons of small blisters, it was from an allergic reaction. In my case this has happened a few times (to smaller or greater extents) either from an antibiotic or a topical product that I was allergic to, or from being exposed to poison ivy. If it was an allergy, hydrocortisone cream would usually clear it up (unless you were constantly being exposed to the allergen).

Is there any chance it could be a bacterial or viral skin infection? Did your dermatologist see the rash in person?

Hope it clears up soon!

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i agree with dance. I had an allergy to certain antibiotics and since I used them after my tca peel, I developed a lot of tiny blisters that hurt and itched. Then my derm gave me some cortisone/steroid cream. The rashness improved in several days' time.

Yet of course I am not a dermatologist, and we haven't even seen your pictures, it's hard to judge. You may like to consult another doctor (if the current one is not able to help you). I have read many stories about bad derms knowing even less than their own clients.

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