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switching mino 100mg for doxy 50mg

used mino 100mg for 3 years, then quit becuz it wasnt doing anything anymore.

dermo gave me doxy 50mg.

my skin now looks worse than ever!

has anyone else switched from mino to doxy? did your skin improve?

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What you are essentially doing is using less of the same thing, which doesn't make sense if more of the same thing wasn't working in the first place. This would also explain why you are not improving.

If the worsening of your acne can truely be attributed to your antibiotics, then you should be on a different class of oral abx. I will also say however that if you are using orals abx's and nothing else, then it isn't just the oral's fault that they aren't working. Oral abx's are not intended for long-term maintenance of acne.

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that is what i said to the dermo how can 50mg be as powerful as 100mg mino?

i didnt understand her reason but im no docrtor so i went along with it.

by different class of antibiotics do u mean something totally different like, keflex?

keflex cleared me 100% in ten days. i was taking 1000mg a day.

should i ask my dr to try this one?

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went back to my old derm and he said i should use 100mg doxy, instaed of 100mg mino cuz mino was not effective anymore aswell as turning my mouth blue.

i questioned if it would do anyting for my skin now i am immune to mino he said he doesnt know.

but also gave me 2 weeks supply of keflex to use first. i wanted more keflex becuz its been like a miricale for my skin, but he was like no way u can take this for months or years!!

just have to get through the next few months till after my surgery then go back to the derm again for another round of blood tests then i can start accutane at last! i still have the 1st script maybe i should just go and get it when im ready to start.

saves me going to the derm again!

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