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My Regimen minus the moisturizer

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I'm currently 15, and going into 10th grade.

So here's my story...

Up until 9th grade, I had perfect skin. My mother and father both had perfect skin. Well I might have had a pimple or 2 a month until 9th grade, but I barely used anything and I never had a big problem with acne. I quit my Oxy acne pads in 8th grade, and I was doing a little worse but still was flying well. Then Freshman year came around, and I learned from an internet site that drinking water works well for acne. I knew I didn't have bad acne problems, but I knew water was something I couldn't get enough of. I drink one 8 oz. cup of water a day (I know... I'm suppose to get over 5). My face was doing worse than 8th grade, but nothing like now.

So this summer, I met my first girlfriend. wub.gif She totally has me. She's my first kiss, my first makeout, and she's, imo, the best thing that could be my first girlfriend. She's older than me (I know... how sexy!), and has a little bit of acne problems. Probably as bad as me. She's cute, but she's not a knockout. But I've fallen for her so bad that, as long as she's 75% of what she could be, I'm still in love with her looks, and her personality catipulates her over any women in the world. biggrin.gif She's the sweetest thing, and I know she loves me with all my faults... and I have many other than acne. She wanted me when no one else did, she lives with my faults. I'm just trying to look my best for her, because she deserves the best.

OK... sorry for that sickening love story. My mother (good ole mom) has setup an appointment for the dermatologist for me on Friday. So you ask why don't I just wait to see the derm? Well, my girlfriend is in Costa Rica till Saturday, and I want to impress her with sweet skin on Sunday (when we go up for the first time in 2 and a half weeks). I don't know how great the derm is for clearing up skin, so I'm going to take a chance on cleaning up my face now. However, I lack moisturizer, so I got to try this new way.

My regimen:


Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

Stridex's new 2.5% BP pads


Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

---> I will not use Stridex here because I fear dryness from a somewhat dry already face


6 8oz. cups of water

Keep in mind, my face isn't horrible. I'll take pictures to prove it tomorrow. I'll try to clear up a little, so my derm can give me the final touches or hints to hopefully clear it up better within the next month for nice, radiant skin. biggrin.gif If my regimen doesn't work out, the derm is 4 days later to help. If my regimen does work, I can get my face clear maybe a week earlier than if I only used the derm's advice.

I'm also open to critiques of my regimen. Maybe you guys have a good replacement for moisturizers? Do you guys know if a derm can actually cure the face in 2 days without thousand dollar surgeries?

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im 15 also and 9th grade sucked for me too, if he gives you an antibiotic about two weeks was what it took for me

but about six months later had to switch it and its not as good so i have to use the regimen

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Thanks for the reply, allmorg. Did you have mild acne, and he still gave you antibiotics? and why did you have to switch it?

As far as the regimen, I'm dropping the BP until I get moisturizer/my regimen given by derm.

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