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What's going on?

Hey, first off I had light/moderate acne.

I first started the Regimen after last Christmas when I for some reason suffered a major breakout (possibly due to the weather?) Since then I've been on it with some success, although I'm not really sure if it's the BP or the 4 tablets of Oxytetracycline i take daily.

Anyway, a week ago I ran out of BP - but unlike usual I wasn't too bothered.

Since then I have a a shower in the morning where I wash with Clean and Clear expholiating wash (contains salactic acid and those granual things) and a wash beofre bed with warm water, anti bac soap, cold water, and tape method. Since then I've been fine with no breakouts - I have perfect skin!

Also for the past three days (and again prob today) I have been chilling out in the sun trying to get a tan (22c is great for England this time of year!) And I wonder if this is helping too? I have absolutely no spots or pimples and my red marks are fading with the sun and tape method. Have I rid of acne? Has it finally stopped attacking my complection after having to deal with it for the past 3 years of my teenage life? ('m 17 btw)

I realy hope so.

DOes anyone have an explanation for this?

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Well if its working for you thats great. Don't really have any explanation. Of course being a fellow Englander i hear what you say about the weather lately. My skin always improves when the nicer weather comes round. Enjoy it while you can it'll be snowing again soon :-


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