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pores, skin texture and acne... again... i think

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hello everyone. usually i have alot of questions and wel im just gonna ask more.... PLEASE HELP ME

ok i have about level 1... not even , maybe like .5, but the thing is i got large pores from my mom (thanks mom!) and it looks like i got scars! is there anything i can do to at least make them verrry small?

also one of the problems about my skin is i had nasty texture, its like if its off or somethin it really drives me crazy. i always wanted that skin that make the sun bounce off of it, ya know what im sayin? is there somethin i can doo??

and last is i got low acne thanks to rectin a but i cant get anymore and now i get these break outs, do anyone know any good store brand or like a regieme that can help me out? please help me and have a good day

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For your skin texture you could try any of the following:

- the vinegar & lemon method

- the tape method of exfoliation

- lactic acid peel or glycolic acid peel

If you need to get Retin-A you'll have to get your Dermatologist to prescribe it to you.... If you want to know a good regimen then check out Dan's Regimen at acne.org.

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