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Aramis laser disaster

Hello folks, I am very glad i found this message board as iam learning more and more daily in hopes to battle my acne scars. I though it would be usefull that I gave my results using The aramis laser. Last december i started breaking out so severly that i started searching for other alternatives to avoid a course of accutane. I wanted the smooth beam to fight my acne but found a dr. who had the aramis laser and told me it was better then the smoothbeam. So i decided to do it it was very painfull. One month after the aramis i noticed that iam stil breaking out just as bad as before and now any pimple i get on my forehead will leave a scar. I had acne for 29 years and I only had vrey little scarring that did not bothe rme much. After the aramis laser iam left with nothing but holes in my face, a big rolling scar in my forhead, and icepicks on each cheeck that i never had through my long term battle with acne. I regret doing this aramis treatment so much it did nothing for my acne and iam actually also left with needle size holes that were left behind from the aramis laser where the laser penetrated. i have about 20 of them on my forhead. Iam not trying to be negative here but i want to contribute, I know we can be so desperate at times when were searching for a cure. I am now looking for a way to fight these scars and i dont think i will use the laser route again. I cant figure out what works and what doesnt, so many posts, I think i feel good doing a strong tca peel, can that remove acne scars or smoothen out the skin. Thanks guys

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