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My skin is extremely oily. It looks like I am sweating all the time. Dose anybody know of any pill or something that will internally slow down the oil production? I have tried B5 and it has helped some but i am still very oily and i will not do accutane. I have also heard that the oil will return after accutane. I dont have time for topicals and they never treat the source of the problem. I have used Burt's Bee tomato complextion soap and that does help but It still builds up into a bunch of oil after about 2 hours! The oil always clogs up my pores and creates acne. I have huge pores filled with blackheads on my nose. My forehead has huge pores but not very many blackheads. My entire T zone is oily. My cheeks are perfect, sometimes I even have dry skin on them. I hardly get any acne on my cheeks. If i didnt have so much oil I think I would not have really any acne. As far as diet is concerned I have never seen a connection between it and acne I have eatin chocolate for 2 weeks straight and I looked the same as ever. I ate nothing but apples for 3 days straight (im serious only apples) on a stupid ripoff program that did nothing. I need someway to get rid of this oil! Who is hiding the secret! There has got to be a WAY! eusa_wall.gif

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Akmicare products have seriously reduced my oil production. I wrote about it "Over the counter products". I had lost all hope until they were recomended to me. My derm told me it is the only product he knows of that actually seriously reduces oil. You could give it a go if you like.

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