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What are these and how do you get rid of them?

I have these tiny bumps across my face. You can only see them in certain lighting, but they NEVER come to a head, and I tried popping one once (I know, don't pop anything that doesn't come to a head) and nothing came out. The weird thing is though, I had gone on vacation and showered using the same facial kit I've been using (Dermalogica acne-prone skin care kit) and the whole left side of my face cleared up like it never has been before, even when I was using my skin care kit at home. I wonder if it was the water. (?) Anyways, I still do have some of these bumps and they're extremely aggravating. Is anybody familiar with this and if you are, what have you done to get rid of them? And before anybody suggests water, I do drink between 8-12 glasses a day. smile.gif

Thanks in advance and God Bless!

On Edit: I'm really sorry people but I put this in the wrong section....sorry! eusa_shifty.gif

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im pretty sure they are clogged pores. try steaming your face (check out the search forum for "steam facials") and wash. i have some too. ive been steamin at my gym's steam room and then washin, and washing after, and it sseems to be disappearing.

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