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Something to help acne only short term?

My acne WAS under control, but now that it's summer my acne has friggen exploded! Mostly on my chest/back/neck, but face too. I just started taking the birth control pill which I'm pretty positive will clear up my acne great after a few months of taking it(it has in the past), but in the mean time I look gross doubt.gif What are some short term quick working fixes for acne?? I don't want to use things that will make me look worse before I look better. I've read tanning helps, and also I read the topical antibiotic threads. I know there is controversy over both of those, but mind you I'm only talking short term. Also, I'm going to the doctors next week, anything I should ask for that works quickly? And if I get perscribed an oral antibiotic, I know that weakens the effect of The Pill, so would that not help my acne? And will using an antibacterial cleanser help ya think, like just the regular kind for hands, or will that irritate my skin?

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Topical antibiotics might take a while to work. I think oral antibiotics do not affect the way BCP works hormonally, it only increases the pregnancy possibility rate. Some derms prescribe oral antibiotics with BC pills anyway. I guess a strong oral antibiotic might be a temporary solution but still it might take a month to work.

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if you want a quick fix, then topical acne fighters are not your answer. I don't think you should stop using them, because they will clear your acne up for long term. My suggestion for a quick fix is getting a tan. You could go to the tanning salon and get one for relatively cheap within about a month. You could also use just a tanning lotion (I use neutrogena). Tanning makes your skin glow, and it covers up your acne really well. You get an instant boost of confidence. Your choice!

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