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Is it just me that gets unbelievably painful acne?

Every week I get three massive big spots that are so painful I have to take pain killers for a couple of days. And then one day after the pain goes (though it still looks like a bomb site), another one forms.

I just hate it. Last summer I remember i went a whole month like this, and i seriously couldnt speak without being in sheer pain. Hope its not guna happen again. Broken out on my chin this month and my nose has never not had spots for one day in past 7 years. Got a cold too, hurts so much to blow my nose.....rarrrrrrr

Sorry i just wana vent frustration at 7 years of acne, useless medicines and OTCs. Don't use anything nowadays, too much pointlessness. Last thing i used was from Derm, he gave me topical isotretonin and wow that worked! not! it made my face red and now i still look like a tomato and i havent used it for 9 months! great clinical decision that was. Waiting for a new dermatologist, didnt like the guy after that. and all the rest the stuff he did (should be didnt do actually).

Anyway im annoyed and pis*d off, any british people feeling the same as me. dont seem to be many british peep in here. And you american people seem to get so much more choice and treatments than us. Guess NHS cant afford the good stuff (so to speak).

i shall end this with how angry i am.......

rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr MO FO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUGGGGGGGGGGGGG R F ING BLOODY HELL >>

wonder if i got abducted by aliens they know how to get rid of this?!!! lol


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YES!!! my face hurts to talk at the moment as i have a patch of red raw skin. I have spots that hurt they are the worst ones and they are always by my mouth so when i speak i can feel them throbbing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so annoying.

Im british and not sure about derms coz only visited one once but the doctor is rubbish, ive been so many times

1st time she told me to leave it a couple of weeks see if it got better

2nd time i actually cried in front of her and she gave me some topical

3rd time (topical didnt work) she prescribed more topical which didnt work

4th time i asked to be referred to a derm and she was just adament that i shouldnt go see one, i was trying to drill it in to her head how reclusive and depressed i was becoming and it wasnt until a couple of weeks ago when my mum came with my that i finally got my referal but luckily i went privatly so im on antibiotics now which seem to be working okayish!

Acne is such a nightmare

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I'm sure all the cystic acne people can relate. I used to get some bad ones on my head, I'd run a comb through it and i'd be in such pain my eyes would water lol.

I'm british. There are a lot of british regulars like me, just keep yer head out for em!

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Guest Amy Lee

I'm not British but I can emphatize with your feelings. That's the downpoint of having acne, it's not just there in our skins to ruin our appearances, how we look, but it also adds physical pain to the emotional pain we are already dealing with.

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