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New Member, New Regimen

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Hi everyone, I have been viewing these boards for a while now and have tried the countless acne fighting suggestions that have arisen, but seemed to have a regimen that works for me. I understand that many people on this board have worse acne problems than myself, but I thought I would post what I have been doing to combat my mild form of acne.

I am a 20yr old male from the UK and have recently completed a course of oxytetracycline, which seemed to help at first but seemed to lose its effectiveness ater a while. I was also prescribed Panoxyl 2.5% Aquagel, with which I have achieved greater success incorporated within an adaptation of Dan's regimen.

My regimen consists of:

Morning & Night:

1, Cleanse as Dan's Regimen but using ASDA brand exfoliating face wash

then while face is still moist (after light towel patting):

2, Moisturize and BP - at the same time!!! I use the recommended amount of BP as Dan's regimen, put in the palm of my hand. I then add generous amount of Nivea for Men moisturizing cream, mix gently then apply to face and neck.

I know this throws Dan's regimen out the window somewhat, but all the essential steps are in there somewhere!! After much experimentation, I found this works best for me and there is absolutely no guarantee it will work for everyone else.

This regimen seems to give me the right balance between face being not to dry and not too oily as well as the acne bacteria fighting effect of the BP.

I also exercise regularly, either of a morning or night so that I am only washing twice a day.

My next task is to try and conquer this annoying acne that plagues my back and shoulders!!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading guys smile.gif

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good stuff. adding to this thread, just how do you put bp gel on your back? i got acne all over my back and it seems to be getting worse by the day but i dont know any way of stopping it. and if my back is anything like my face, i'm gonna be putting bp gel on it for a long long friggin time eusa_wall.gif

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