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philly #1

Teen Male and experiencing acne( oily skin) then

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I have read many articles on net on what causes androgenic alopecia( male pattern baldness) and acne and both mention high levels of increased free testosterone and high activity of the 5 alpha reductuse, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, a powerful androgen responsible for the minimization of the hair follicles and the creation of the excess oil ( sebum) oil and thus the acne?

A Few questions...

1) They are people that have dry skin yet still suffer the acne, this defeats this agrument?

2) there are people with oily skin yet dont suffer acne, so that defeats this argument also?

3) And last i have never read an article from which any qualified doctor stated male baldness and male teen acne are related yet i read what causes both things and they seem they are related. Ihave never read any sort of article even suggesting that they are related, i have never even read an article where they say if a male experiences acne as a teen, then they have greater chance of suffering male pattern baldness....

ANy insight on this

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my dad is bald and he never had acne or oily skin, barely any pimples ever, and my uncle has oily skin and had severe cystic acne and he is 53 and has a lot of hair. My whole mom's side of the family had some level of acne and oily skin yet they all have hair and my dad's side never had acne and they all have baldness, so I do not know...

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My dad had a LOT of acne when he was young and is why I have it now. He has pits all over his face from all the acne he had.

However, he is 61 and has a full head of hair (his own). I don't see any relation between acne and baldness.

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Guest Marino

If you have to much sebum been produced is it always visible as oily skin? Maybe oily skin and sebum are two different things.

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