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Im going to spill my guts, advice is needed.

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Heres my story.

High School-No Acne, Played Baseball, Football and was extremely outgoing and popular. Had many girlfriends, and luckily i have found one that id like to keep for a while! =D> I would have some very light Acne in the Wintertime, but it would go away after maybe 1 month.

College-About September, i started getting a few on my face, big deal. But then it exploded, i would get huge cytic acne on my uper face, and all over my lower jawline. Ive tried the Regimen, ive tried every imaginable BP, Salicyclic Acid and Face Scrub you could possibly imagine. It really hampered my lifestyle. i didnt want to go outside, i would skip classes when it looked really bad, and i would just cuss at myself in the mirror everyday. Now that the school year is over, i went to the General Doctor, and he gave me Doxycycline. It has reduced the size of my Acne, but its still here, (im less than one week into it.) Im going to the Dermatologist in about a month, and hopefully something will help.

There is this thing inside me that wants to jump out and be as outgoing as i used to be, and to just be my old self. But then i cant, becuase im unsure of myself because of what i look like, i know that is vain, but lets face it, we all are a little. If only this would go away, I would be the happiest person on Earth. [-o<

Some more info--

-----19 Years Old, Male.

------I am a big, strong guy but physically immature, i dont have to shave very often, and have little facial hair.

------I am Caucasian, but am also 1/16 Native American.

Hopefully, this just means that i am now physically maturing, but God, i just want it over with. I hope God can see how much this is killing me. [-o<

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you've only been on Doxycycline for less than a week. you have to give it time. in a week it's already helped a little...i think that's a pretty good result. by the way...your indian...you'll never grow facial hair(unless your italian or something). it took my dad 7 years to grow a moustache.

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hey there

i'm glad there's someone who has a similar story to me! high school-acne free right up until this year-last year of high school, i broke out. I was also popular outgoing and had lots of boyfriends, but now that i have acne i can't face anyone like my old self anymore. Even tho i know my friends and boyfriend don't care but when you go out clubbing and shit, you feel like crap and everyone's chatting away and socialiseg and i feel like hiding myself in a hole. sometimes i feel like people don't wanna be around me cos they i've got acne> i feel dirty and i want my old self back so bad-that is acne free. I've been on doxcyline for about a month and a bit and it seems to work but i dont' want to jinx it. I just hope my body doesn't come immune to the antibiotics.

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