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Iodine - The main cause apparantly

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Iodine is the main cause of acne and blocked pore.

I know people have beaten it into you that diet dosent matter well....it does and this isnt bull.It has been proven quite a bit but i think the milk people kept it under raps or somethin.

Foods you should avoid as much as possible are Milk ,Iodised salt, Fish and some types of bread and potatoes and some beans.

do a bit of surfing to find out exactly what to avoid. Mainly fish milk and vitamin supplements (they have iodine in them). Find alternative sources or starch protein and calcium to make up for the loss.

I think everyone here should try it for at least 2 weeks.

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Lets all remember here that everyones skin and body will and may react differently then others. Therefore dieting could have an affect on ones skin problems, but on the next person it may not. It is good to always do your own research though, find out for yourself. I have eatin Iodized salt, milk, and all of that bad stuff all my life, and When I was age 0-14 I didnt have acne. If Iodine was the cause of acne, then why didnt I get acne back then?

This just shows to prove that acne can be caused by many things....

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