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I'm also going to be using this thread to log my scar treatments and results from them.

*Thanks to Maya and to Scorpioness, both of whom have alerted me to some of my favourite products and supplements!


Puredeming Castille Bar http://www.puredeming.com/products/(doesn't help with acne at all, but is a wonderfully gentle cleanser that will not irritate the skin in any way. Also great following peels and scar treatments)

Living Nature Manuka oil and Honey Antiseptic Gel https://www.livingnature.com/catalog/main.c...id=102&cid=1932 (I absolutely love this but I haven't been using it for a while due to the fact I can't afford it. It is a great product, though)

Emu oil with Lavender, http://www.mezza.co.uk/more_lavender.htm(I sometimes alternate this with Hazelnut oil http://www.naturesgift.com/carrier_oils/hazelnut_oil.htm, which I find less greasy on the skin - good for use if you're going out straight after moisturising, in which case the emu may not have had time to absorb into the skin, but the hazelnut will have done)

To which I have added: Several drops of 100% Tea Tree oil, as well as Nature's Gift Clarifying Synergy blend http://www.naturesgift.com/aromatherapyskincare.htm- 40 drops/oz (This is my absolute favourite product - brilliant for fading red marks and healing active acne)

Green People Edelweiss Sunblock - http://www.greenpeople-organic-health.co.u...sp?Pc=G001&cc=G(this is great - all-organic ingredients and non-greasy. It's main ingredient is aloe vera, which can help fade red marks. It contains a suntan accelerator too which is a bonus)

Isotrexin Gel - I sometimes use this for a few weeks and then have a few weeks break, seeing as I don't particularly like using it. I find it helps prevent new acne, but causes any active acne to flare up somewhat.

Puredeming Intense Gel R-ALA http://www.puredeming.com/products/- I love this, but I can't afford to use it on a regular basis. Great for healing red marks and improving skin tone, though.

Puredeming Lactic Peel - A very gentle peel; I use it once-twice weekly whenever I'm not using Isotrexin. I tend to use it on sensitive areas or if I want a mild exfoliation that won't aggravate active acne.

Amino-Plex Spray -http://www.loganwoodskincare.com/gallery.cfm(you have to e-mail them to request the product - tell them that you're a member here to receive a discount) This is great for healing red marks and recovering from peels and surgical procedures. However, it's very expensive, so I only use some after scar treatments and don't use it on a regular basis.

Copper Peptides serum - I just use the regular serum and purchase it from Puredeming. I only tend to use it after peels and scar treatments. I haven't been brave enough to use the Super CP serums or creams while I'm still breaking out.


'Adam' - men's multi from Iherb.

Vitamin C - I take 2x 1000mg tablets. At the moment I'm using a generic brand from Holland and Barret as it was on offer.

MSM - 2000 mg/day

Fish oil


Zinc - Biocare do an excellent version of Optizinc http://www.buy-biocare.co.uk/biocare_b521-60.htm(zinc methionine - the best absorbed kind), but I alternate taking this for a month with taking a brand containing copper for a month, seeing as the Biocare stuff doesn't contain any copper.

Vitamin A - 10,000 IU. The best-value brand I've found is: http://www.iherb.com/aandd2.html

I use Iherb a lot for my supplements. Iherb in general are great for their range of vitamins and their cheap shipping costs.


Bromelain - 500mg/day - helpful after scar treatments

Vitamin E - 400IU/day - I tend to alternate months on and off with this, as it's not recommended that you take it whilst undergoing surgical scar treatments, as it can impair the blood's ability to clot.


- I visit the gym 4-6 times per week, doing roughly 20mins cardio and 50 mins weights.

- I avoid all dairy produce, wheat, refined sugar, salt etc.

- I include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts (particularly brazils), seeds, vegetable juices (carrot primarily), herbal teas (mainly nettle, dandelion and white tea), unrefined grains (brown rice, quinoa, whole oats, millet, buckwheat and kamut pastas) and, of course, water.

- Alcohol is my big weakness, being at university. :D But I do try to keep it down most of the time.


2 Microdermabrasions (December '04) - These helped with red marks but did not give a lasting noticeable improvement in scarring.

1 deep salicylic peel (40%, very low pH) (January '05) - This gave excellent results on active acne, caused some significant peeling over the following week, and helped considerably with red marks. It also gave an initial improvement in scarring, which faded over the next month or so. I wasn't expecting results on scarring, really - this was more for my active acne at the time.

First session of N-lite (April '05) - No noticeable improvement in scarring, but does seem to have helped with remaining acne somewhat.

Second session of N-lite - June 2005 - again, I feel it has helped the acne, but I can't see an improvement in the scarring.

Colonic Hydrotherapy - July 2005 - extremely unpleasant sensation! I will probably not have this done again, but I did feel better for having had it done. Hopefully it will help somewhat with the acne.

Third Session of N-lite - 26th October 2005. My acne is really clearing up by now - I put it down mainly to the N-lite. My scarring looks better now that much of the redness has faded, although the actual depth of the indentations has not reduced, from what I can tell.

Patch Test for Needling - 3rd January 2006. I had this performed by Julie Drennan Arnold at Bio2 Clinic in Leamington Spa. She needled 5 icepick scars to test out how my skin reacts. Please check out the 60 page+ needling thread in the scar forum for my detailed account of this treatment.


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Hey Paul,

Great regimen u got there, natural is best smile.gif.

Sounds a lot like mine except i use an AHA/BHA serum which i recommend and a 10% glycolic moisturiser on acne prone areas at night is really good for preventing spots and killing red marks, lookgr8.co.uk if u are interested.

Wow thats a load of supplements u got there, OMG i couldnt afford it and iherb shipping costs are huawge, the acidophillus tabs are the the worst priced though for what u get in return.

Anyway, Good luck with your scar treatments, and keep us uptodate with your progress.

Tom ;-)

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Yo Tom,

I initially thought the Iherb shipping costs were very expensive, but in relation to pretty much any other American vitamin supplement company, they are cheap. I was quoted shipping costs of over 50 dollars from swanton.com... Iherb's 20 dollars is not too much considering the package is likely to be quite weighty if you're ordering a number of supplements at once.

It also works out cheaper than buying the supplements at somewhere like Holland and Barrett, where the dosage and quality won't be as high either.

The acidophilus and flax oil are the most expensive supplements I use - I take less than the stated doses, though, so it means I make the acidophilus last 60 days and the flax oil last about the same, when both should only last for 30 days according to the instructions.

The biocare acidophilus is not actually that expensive - most acidophilus supplements in shops (boots, H+B, Julian Graves etc) cost around £10 for 60 tablets, but each tablet often contains around 1.5 billion organisms compared to the 8 billion in Biocare's. Have you found a better-priced probiotic for what you get?

Something like Primal Defence is even better quality, but the price of that along with shipping costs means I can't even think of buying that!

I do tend to rotate the products I use - often I won't take all these supplements or use all those products at once, but the ones I've included are my favourite products/brands.

Thanks for your interest, anyway. smile.gif


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