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I was on Accutane for 3 months

I weigh 150lb and was on 40mg for 3 months, then missed 4 days with no accutane due to complications with blood work.. Now i am on my 4th month, and i am 40mg one day and 80 mg the next day and so on... But only for 20 days...

My questions..

Will the 4 missed days have negative effects on my course ??

Should my dosage be effectfull once i have completed the 4th month?

My skin also is pretty much clear.. It looks somwhat scarred but very very few new zits.

But i noticed wheni was off it for the 4 days i got a few new ones sad.gif

pls awnser for me thanks.

sorri bout my english as well i am still learn.

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Well, for about 3 weeks I stopped but took a pill or 2 a week, and now I'm just taking it everyday again. I seem to be doing ok...but I dont know, maybe I will breakout?

I'm curious too!

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See I don't get that I way less than you but I'm taking 80mg a day 40 in the morn / 40 at night.....I'm scared as hell that my derm has prescribe my dosage too high.

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