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what is a cyst? Someone please help me!

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if someone could explain to me the difference b/w a cyst and a big pimple. I don't think that I have ever had a cyst before, but lately I'm not sure. If pus comes out when you squeeze it does that mean that it's not a cyst? Are cysts only the ones that erupt on their own without squeezing? I'm asking b/c after starting on bp I have been getting raised pink bumps that nothing comes out of when I squeeze except for clear liquid. Now I have one on my jawline that is pink, shallow and has no visible head. It's not even really that sore, but I can definetely feel something in there I'm confused. confused.gif

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this is a cyst: http://www.netpatient.dk/AcneCystX.jpg

it's deep under the skin, and there's no way to squeeze it out without leaving a giant scar on your face.

when a normal zit forms, you see it right away, and it's red. A cyst usually starts as a painful place on your skin, and it gets bigger and bigger. Eventually it becomes red, and if you're lucky, it will dry up into a few normal zits, if you're not lucky, it will spread. I found that the only way to "deflate" them is with antibiotics. I have cystic acne, but when I cleanse my skin every day and use Dan's BP gel, I get no cysts, and very few normal zits.

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I appreciate you help. I'm pretty sure that what I have is definetley not a cyst. Wow! Seeing someone whose acne is way worse than my own really makes me appriciate how good I have it (at most 5 medium pimples on my face at one time). smile.gif

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