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Does anyone think there is such thing as too much Bp? I've been using a brevoxyl 8 wash that my derm gave me and then applying a 10% BP gel afterwards. My skin is very, very oily so it doesn't dry it out too bad. I've only been doing it for like a week and I was just wondering what the long term affects might be... If it never dries my skin out then is it ok to keep using that much? Also I've heard that using a wasg with Bp prolongs red marks. Should I just get a mild cleanser and then use the gel? If anyones done the same thing before then please let me know if what I'm doing is a good thing.


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You know best what your skin can and can't handle. Just keep an eye on it and if you start peeling or getting overly dry switch to BP 5% or 2.5%.

I initially started of with 10% BP also and it was fine for a day or two and then my whole face began to fall of in big flakes...yuck... so I went down to 5% and it was fine.

However I no longer use BP because unfortunatley for me the results just weren't permanent...sigh

I have never used a cleanser with BP in it so I don't know about that prolonging redmarks but I would say that for me BP as a spot treatment definately prolongs the healing time of my redmarks. My marks end up being a darker red and therefore take longer to fade. This isn't such a problem when just applying it as a thin layer over larger portions of my face however.

I don't know how effective the medications in washes are really, some would argue that you just end up washing of any BP that has been applied when you rinse your face with water, but like I said I don't know. I personally prefer to use gentle non-medicated cleansers

anyways hope this was of some help

Good luck smile.gif

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I second Kat's post. "You know best what your skin can and can't handle." If you're doing well with the BP products your derm perscribed you then I recommend continuing your BP regimen for a few months.

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