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Worried about scars

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I have been battling acne for a few years now, but it was never as bad as some peoples. However I have no active pimples currently, and the ones I do get on occasion are very small and are not cystic (albeit I never had much of a problem with cystics). Unfortuneatly I developed a habit of picking at my face, and now notice some scarring. The scarring is minor and barely noticeable for the most part...the ones I'm talking about, I can easily live with. However, below my mouth, to the left of my face but within relatively close proximity to my bottom lip. They seem to be rolling scars, however I'm not quite sure of the exact definition of "rollign scars" (if someone could clarify that for me it would be greatly appreciated). I have been using Delna's regimen for a while now, however have been out of baking soda lately, and used lemon juice rather then the ACV as it was not readily available. It has helped fade my red marks to a degree that I am not concerned with them for the time being, however I am mainly worried about these "rolling scars" by my lip. They have red marks in them as well, which could worsen the appearance and seem to make them look deeper. If the red marks were not there, it seems like they would be barely noticeable without the redness, yet they still bother me greatly, and as I have also been battling depression, these scars only make things worse. I have read in Delna's thread, that it helped smooth out her rolling scars, first off, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if so, how much has it improved them/in what way has it improved them and also, how bad were they to begin with. I have noticed definite improvement in the scarring, as well as other minor scars that I'm not concerned with, but I would like to get some idea as to how much of an improvement I could hope for after I begin using ACV instead of the lemon juice (I am aware that it is unrealistic to hope for this to improve serious scars, however these seem to be more like wrinkles at times then actual scars...unfortuneatly I have no camera and cannot post pictures) If it makes enough of an improvement that I'm comfortable with them, then I will leave them be. However I'd like to know what the best type of treatment would be if I choose to pursue a different course of action after the ACV. I am 16 years of age, naturally pale complection, and sensitive skin.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried any wrinkle treatment, or treatment for age lines, for minor depressions left after acne (the kind that supposedly go away with time), as I saw a commercial a few minutes ago for a cream that gets rid of wrinkles. It showed a diagram of wrinkles as almost depressions in your skin, and that it helps bring the skin up to the same level as the rest of your face, or something of that nature. I was just wondering if anyone's ever bothered to give that a try for the hell of it, perhaps it could help speed up the filling in of those depressions.

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I don't think you'll get a great deal of improvement in your scarring through using ACV to be honest. It might help slightly, but I think you'd be better going with a combination of lactic peels and copper peptides if you don't want to go for anything surgical. This might help improve your shallow rolling scars as well as your red marks.

I don't think wrinkle creams will help much either. Sorry to sound negative.



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