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lostwitness's Regimen

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Ok - I finaly think I have under my hands the PERFECT regimen.


-Acne Getaway 101

-Benzoyl Peroxide 4% (soon getting 2.5% BP Gel)

-Vitamin B6 100mg & Zinc 25mg

- Jojoba oil & Flaxseed oil



Wash with Noxzema

Depending on the acne, and dryness it will either be Acne getaway applied to the whole face - then benzoyl peroxide simply on the acne spots. Or benzoyl peroxide applied on most places then acne getaway.

Or only acne getaway for really dry mornings, and when theres nothing really noticeable.

And eat healthy meals throughout the day.

Take vitamin B6 100mg

Drink a spoonfull of flaxseed oil (can be mixed with orange juice, etc.)


Take zinc supplement right before bed (really important!)

Take shower.

Wash with Noxzema.

Apply acne getaway, then some benzoyl peroxide on noticeable spots - wait 15 minutes, then apply jojobal oil all over face and go to bed.

Also important: Stay in strong sunlight for atleast 30 minutes a day.

I think this is working soo good!!! Everyone should try it.

Where you can get acne getaway is on ebay for waaay cheaper than normal.

Also whats good is to eat alot of carrots.

Hope someone tries this, and posts their opinion on it.

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Guest TylerD

Short be effective update lol.

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