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help with my daily regimen

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Hi, my acne has been going on for about 3-4 years now. Recently, perhaps due to a little crush biggrin.gif. I have become sick and tired of my acne, so I decided to do some research and came across acne.org. I read some posts on the forum and some other site info and decided to follow the regime. I'm wondering what I should change in this. My acne isn't too strong, an occasional breakout of 2-3 small ones and every now and then a really big one. I also have serious acne scarring issues.

Right now, this is what I do everyday.


wash face with normal bar soap

10 percent bp gel (planning to get 2.5 percent bp gel)


shower, wash face with normal bar soap

10 percent bp gel

However, there a few things I want to add but I'm not sure how. First, I have a 2 percent salic acid cream wash. I would like to use it on my face during showers au lieu to the bar soap except I'm not sure how it effects me when used in combination with the bp. Currently, I just use it for the acne on my back. Next, I plan to incoporate the vinegar wash to help with my acne scars. I also would like to use some of my mom's microdembrasion cream that she has laying around once every three days but I'm not sure when I should use it.

Also, I have a few questions in general:

Occaisionally, usually after I accidentally put on too much BP gel. THis results in very very dry skin that just loves to peel. I'm wondering is this bad for my health and will it help with my acne scars? Over all, what are the upsides and downsides of peeling dry skin. Also, does moisterizer play any role in curing acne/acne scars or is it just to remove dryness.

Do mineral oil moisterizers cause breakouts?

Does the vinegar wash make your face smell? (biggrin.gif)

Will 2.5 percent BP gel reduce the amount of dryness I have?

Will the change to 2.5 percent BP gel cause a few breakouts during first few days?

Thanks in advance.

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Try to go by the instructions on the regime as closely as you can, I wouldn't add anything like salicylic acid to your face while using BP as the combination of the two would cause even more dryness/irritation. Also, it is recommended that you use the 2.5% BP to reduce the amount irritation.

Use moisturizer! shock.gif Buy a moisturizer that is oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic with SPF 15 or more as using BP can increase your sensitivity to UV light and of course to alleviate the drying effect. Also, you should be using a very gentle cleanser, not just normal soap.

Have you been using BP for a while now or have you just started using it?

If you are new with using BP then you should start off with a very small amount maybe just once a day until your skin adjusts to it.

Here are some links that should help you with the regimen.






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^ No. Normal soap is fine, as long as it feels like it's not irritating your skin too much and you don't leave it on for very long at all.

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okay, thanks, I wont use the salic acid and I guess I'll buy a moisterizer online. I have been using bp for a while now and I can apply a fair amount 2x a day. But when I see breakouts, I tend to add more.

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3-4 liters of water a day.

no sugars, no dairy, very little fats. should make a world of difference for you . im totally clear btw, but trying prune juice, and raisins now to see if that makes my face even better. the 4 things i listed above though, they will turn you totally around. did for me, i am totally clear.

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