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Greetings all, Names Hew and im 17.

I Have combination skin, my face is fine but my forehead, nose, upper lip and chin sometimes breakout , i get the big whiteheads on my upper lip and blackheads scattered on my forehead.

I used Garnier Pure foaming wash(SA) for about 3 weeks, but it was really dring my face so i stopped using it and went onto Jurlique Ultra sensative face wash(TTO).

Ive been using an AHA lotion on my T-zone for about 11 weeks now and (have gone through 3 diff face washes in that time;Cetaphil, Garnier foaming wash and Jurlique) i think its been helping, but i still get the big zits on my upper lip and it kinda makes my face feel greasy , should i stop using it?

Im just woundering if all these lotions and stuff are nessisary..do i just need a blemish stick and some standard wash?

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Yeah, if I were you, I'd probably consider stopping the lotion. I was using an AHA lotion too but now that summer is here it seems like they're all to heavy for my skin. The TTO wash is probably a really good thing, as long as it doesn't overdry you. If you just get a few pimples here and there maybe you should consider spot treating. I haven't found a blemish stick I like (most have alcohol, which sucks), but TTO is a pretty good spot treatment, either plain (if your skin can handle it) or diluted with something (water or a carrier oil, like grapeseed or jojoba). Actually diluting with aloe vera gel would probably be great for oily skin.

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