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Hi everyone,

Because I suspect my skin may be slightly sensitive to triclosan, I have decided to attempt my own first regimen, which will combine some of the advice posted on this site that I feel might be good to try. I will update in two weeks, to give this a fair chance.

If after one month, my skin reacts badly to this or it simply doesn't work, I will give ChristineM's regimen a new try.

So this is what I will do starting tomorrow:


-Wash with Aveeno Balancing Bar

-Apply a bit of Dove Essential Nutrients Day Cream (for the SPF 15)


-Wash with Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap

-Use Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner

-Apply Dove Essential Nutrients Night Cream

-Apply hydrocortisone cream on acne and marks

If anyone has thoughts, questions or comments, please do not hesitate.

Wish me luck!

Li B.

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Sounds like a good regimen searchingforthesolution. I've noticed you've included some of the best products from multiple regimens. I hope it'll work out perfectly for you (or pretty darn close). smile.gif

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Thank you mekingyouwho!

Your support is very much appreciated.

I also forgot to mention that 3 times a week, I will be exfoliating with a scrub I particularly like, and will be trying to drink at least 1L of water a day, maybe even add some lemon in it if and when I think of it.

I hope this will help.

A few things that worry me slightly are 1) the SPF. It is so important to have, but I wonder if at times the specific types they use in commmercial products can be irritating to my skin. 2) the Burt's Bees products. Those who have had success seemed to have had wonderful success, but the stories of those who haven't are troublesome. It is funny how at times, you have problem skin and therefore seek a solution to help, but instead, your skin erupts worse than ever! I suppose if we all knew that we were guaranteed a clear face after a purging period, we would be more likely to hold on and bear the difficulty, but it is hard not knowing whether it is in fact a purging stage or a bad reaction to one or many ingredients in a product. Also, it has been a long time since I have used a toner!

3) I noticed the hydrocortisone cream contains ingredients that we should stay away from, and that worried me a little, almost to the point of wanting to find something else to use. But I will try it since I did just buy it.

* Just a note: I couldn't believe how much it cost me for just the BB products today. I threw in a lip shimmer thing because I did not want to only purchase products for acne (the women were very observant but why should I have felt embarassed?)...it cost 70$ for two bars, 1 toner, and the lip stuff! I couldn't believe it! Very expensive!

My official beginning is tomorrow, but I used the evening products tonight.

The BB soap smells more spicy than tomato-ey to me! My face looked clean afterwards. I used the toner, and there was and still is a slight, very slight stinging but I suppose that is often the case with toners. I applied the Dove moisturizer, and took a chance and applied the hydrocortisone cream on my pimples and marks.

Just to mention, my skin today before starting was slightly better. My active acne was subsiding, I had scabs I could remove easily, but the texture of my skin was still not as good as it could be and my pores were still just as blocked up. I was still getting new pimples. It may be the sun that helped a little.

Sorry for this long post. I will update in about a week, so that it is not too long. smile.gif

Take care mekingyouwho, and everyone else.

Li B.

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erpatter - I had already used Murad, and my skin became so bad -erupted and irritated.

With Clearasil, I feel I get the same type of acne as with Murad, but on a lower basis. Lots of whiteheads and painful pimples.

Thinking about Clearasil and the ingredient triclosan, I was researching the ingredient on the Internet and realized Murad contained it as well and boom- a light went on.

I don't know for sure if it can be related, but it is possible.

ProactivSUCKS - Yes, that is why I am slightly worried but I'll give this routine a shot and let you guys know how everything goes. I will note the changes.

Today is day 1.

Hope it goes well! eusa_pray.gif

Li B.

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Li B. Where did you buy your BB products!?!?!?! That is WWWAAAAAYYY too much for all that. The soap is$6 a bar, the Toner is $10 a bottle and the lip shimmers souldn't be that much. I have bought one before and think I paid around $6. You got ROBBED!!! Go online from now on.

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Pankins - I know! sad.gif

I remember reading on here that it cost 7$, and some people felt that was expensive.

I live in Canada, so could that be the reason? I did consider ordering online next time, but with the exchange rate and shipping costs, it may result in the same or more.

I believe the soap and toner were 16$ each if I'm not mistaken! And the lip shimmer was the worse - 13$ I think and you know the size.

I felt this was incredibly expensive. If these products help me, I will only purchase what I really need next time.

Thanks Pankins,

Li B.

P.S. What do you think of my new regimen?

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PLEEEEEEASE be very careful with using hydrocortisone cream on your face. It will help the skin heal, but 1) it is not antibacterial or anti-biotic so will have no affect on the p-acnes bacteria causing the actual spots, and 2) with long term use of hydrocortisone come side effects. See my post on it early today: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=51951


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Thank you Mike for the insight.

Do you think something like polysporin or neosporin might be better and more helpful? I read somewhere that someone used one with an antibiotic effect, and had good results.

I hesitated between something like that and what I ended up buying. I bought the hydrocortisone cream because the description seemed to suit what I was loooking for but what do you think?

I will definitely read your post re the possible side effects of the hydrocortisone cream.

Thanks again, smile.gif

Li B.

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that I decided to buy Polysporin to use instead of the hydrocortisone cream, for safety. There may still be ingredients that are not recommended for skin, but it appears better than the hydrocortisone and other creams I saw in a way in that respect, and might be safer based on what I am reading about long-term use of hydrocortisone.

So, it is Polysporin triple (3 antibiotics) ointment, heal fast formula - vitamin E enriched.

Ingredients are:

Medicinal: each gram contains 10, 000 units Polymixin B (as sulfate), 500 units Bacitracin Zinc, and 0.25mg Gramicidin

Non-medicinal ingredients: butylated hydroxytoluene, cocoa butter, cotton seed oil, olive oil, petrolatum, sodium pyruvate, vitamin E.

Hydrocortisone cream was:

Medicinal ingredients: 0.5% w/w (5mg/g) hydrocortisone acetate in a hydrophilic cream base

Non-medicinal ing.: Cetostearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. (less ingredients but maybe also less good?)

I am not familiar with all of the above ingredients but know of many that are considered not the best.

If you guys have any comments, they would be appreciated.

Li B.

I will update in a few days!

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Hey guys,

I was just wondering whether you would all prefer that I give a daily update or every two days, or once a week?

I'm just considering the length and what would be easier for you guys to read.

I suppose it also depends on whether you want to have a gradual day-by-day log, or an overall progress report. Either way, if you decide you want me to wait a week but still post the every day stuff in it, I will. It might be better as far as knowing how it is affecting my skin with time.

Let me know. smile.gif

Take care everyone,

Li B.

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I have actually stopped using the toner because I think it was really messing up my skin and it has fragrance and alcohol in it and it has to be a very large concentration because it stings all the time. Just be careful using it maybe dilute it or something.

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Just wanted to wish you luck searchingforthesolution. I really hope everything works out for you and im here to support you! As far as when you log. What i do, is long when ever something sinificant happens, only becuase it find it hard to log everyday, otherwise i would. I say if you have time to log everyday, to do so. All up to you though! Gooluck again!

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Hi Li, just wanted to add re your earlier question, I'm afraid I have never heard of either polysporin or neosporin - I'm over in the UK so maybe these aren't available over here. I see you've bought the polysporin already though, so good luck from me also and yes, do let us know how you get on biggrin.gif

Best wishes, Mike

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Duckykay2 - If it was irritating to your skin, it is much better that you stopped. I understand your perspective. Thank you for caring. How is the soap for you?

I will continue as planned for a little while and will post my thoughts on the toner and my regimen in a couple of days.

Jstrick9 - Thank you for your kind words. smile.gif It really means a lot to have support like that, especially being a first time trying an actual mix-and-match personal regimen.

I really want to let you guys know the ups and downs in a few days, but I can say...I think I made a mistake last night. In a matter of minutes, my skin went from looking better and clearer to being red and blotchy, and still not looking good today...

and I think it was due to the polysporin and finally, me trying to unblock my pores, etc. It is disappointing... I know I just bought the polysporin, but somehow, it is maybe too greasy for me (texture kind of like vaseline) and I have a feeling it only made my skin worse...sad.gif I m sure polysporin is good for certain things, but it seems to be too rich for my skin.

I will give you guys a full description of the dailies in about a week.

moconnor - thank you! Well, as you have read above, I'm not sure I made the right purchase with polysporin. I don't know if I would use the hydrocortisone long-term but maybe for a short while I can apply a very little amount to spots, and hopefully I will be able to stop shortly. I simply hope it won't backfire on me...

I almost think I should not use anything, but I don't know now.

Don't like my skin today... sad.gif I don't know for a fact whether it was the polysporin but I believe it was, because my skin felt fine prior to using it. Whether it clogged my pores, was too thick and greasy, or simply made my problem areas more visible, it didn't do me good...

It's okay. I will hold my head high and hope for an improvement. neutral.gif

Thank you so much again you guys - your feedback and support are really helpful.

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Hi everyone,

Here is my first week's log (funny how it feels long since I began this thread!).

Please keep in mind I tried to keep track as much as I could, but it is possible I may have forgotten to note down some things. I am sorry if this post is long. Please bear with me. As I go along, I will try to simplify. Please know I also wanted to be honest so some of the things I'm not proud of, such as picking, needed to be mentioned nonetheless. And the routine was done every day, even if it's not mentioned.

Evening before day 1: Washed with Burt’s Bees soap for the first time. Was surprised because hearing all of the comments about the smell, I did not think much about it except that it seemed more spicy than tomato-ey to me. eusa_angel.gif Even though I know Pankins mentioned it didn't really smell like tomatoes, I was kind of hoping it would, even though oddly I don’t particularly like them where taste is concerned!

I made sure to cleanse my face thoroughly, but not for too long. Washed and rinsed with warm water, then rinsed quickly with cool water, as it suggests on the box. By a quick up-close glance, my skin looked clear, including pores. I did not spend too much time examining, because that could have been the end of that!

Used the toner (I hadn’t used a toner in a long time – I was never particularly crazy about them). There was a slight stinging which lasted a while but wasn’t too bothersome.

Afraid it would affect the cleansing because my skin looked less clear. Waited some then applied the Dove moisturizer and then a little bit of hydrocortisone cream on my acne and marks.

1st official day(May 12): (a little more than ½ L water - please keep in mind some days I don't drink any water so I am really making an effort, even if I don't reach the 1L mark, because I believe it is so important)

Took my shower and used Aveeno for the first time. It was alright. No big comments about it – I will tell in time. I then applied a bit of the dove day moisturizer and continued on.

My skin had a few slight peely spots, but not much at all. Popped two whiteheads(today or yesterday - sorry for the popping bit!) and applied a tad of hydrogen peroxide then rinsed.

My skin during the day seemed stable but slightly oily (this is not out of the ordinary though. When I think of it, maybe it was less oily than it has been the last few days.)

I noticed one new pimple on my forehead but it wasn’t itchy, irritated, or inflamed. It was just a bump.

So tonight I washed my face with the soap again, and applied the toner. Stung less. As I looked at my skin, everything overall, acne and marks appeared noticeably less red. I almost wanted to write a post at that very moment, but I felt kind of silly and didn't want to jump to mentioning the good if bad was to come. I applied the moisturizer. All was well until I applied the Polysporin(because of the change). Naturally, it is kind of oily looking and feeling, kind of like Vaseline, but spots of my face were shiny now, and everything appeared redder again. I was thinking I should have not put it on, because my face felt fine prior to doing so. So I wanted to try to leave it on, but out of fear of the refection I would awake to, I went in the bathroom and looked at my face. It didn’t look as clear anymore. I began examining it, and then that was it. I was ‘unclogging' my pores, blackheads, the little bumps and the whiteheads that suddenly seemed more noticeable…needless to say my face was red and bumpy after a few minutes. I couldn’t leave my face like that, so though I was nervous about washing it again so soon with the cleanser and using the toner again, I did the evening routine all over again, except this time I left out any final creams(hydrocortisone, Polysporin). The hydrocortisone seemed better, but I felt maybe I shouldn’t put anything on after my unclogging session. Discouraging end, when it was looking good only a short time earlier. I know I didn't help...

Day 2 (about 1L)


Skins still looks reddish in areas and feels oily, probably because of the opened pores last night. My forehead may be the worse part of my face at the moment.

Active acne there, on my temples and jawline as well...Hoping it will get better.


Picked at my face a little bit.

Day 3: (a little more than 1/2 L)

I woke up late, but still washed! eusa_angel.gif

So far, don’t really notice new pimples coming up. The ones I had seem to be healing quicker. Do not notice anything significant as far as oil or dryness.

Had two whiteheads on forehead but my skin felt really supple.

Night: my skin feels oily. Did not pick at my skin.

Still a little blotchy and irritated.

Day 4 (1L)

Well, last night I only got a little more than 4 hours of sleep, which of course is not enough.

I did not find my skin any worse today, except that there were 4-5 spots I squeezed. One or two whiteheads were more visible, and others were smaller or had not reached the super ready stage but were coming. I know I shouldn't have touched them at all because when I begin, I get redness afterwards, and I’m going to work. So I looked tired and my complexion uneven. I really want to work on my bad habit.

As an exception, I used the toner to try to help.

By the way, in my case, as you use the toner more often, you do not really feel a stinging or burning.

Who knows, maybe this is my purging stage.

Still do not find it is making ‘new’ break-outs come up, maybe just some old ones, but I also feel the ones I have are healed faster.

So far, cannot say though that there is a significant difference, but it is still too soon to tell. I think the day it looked the best so far was the evening before I decided to apply polysporin, and the day it felt really supple, but I question whether my cycle could play a role in that.

Late afternoon:

Well, my skin was very oily-feeling and looking today, and looked dull/dead. I am certain it is in part because of this morning, maybe even hormones but in large part due to lack of sleep. Face looks broken out.

Though I really like the Dove night cream as a moisturizer, I think I may skip the moisturizer this time and see how my skin feels.

Day 5 (750ml)

Actually, when I began this, I thought that perhaps the Aveeno would make it that I would not need to apply moisturizer, but due to the need for SPF and not being sure what to use at the moment, I chose Dove. The night cream is one of the best feeling creams without being oily, but I don’t know if all this moisturizing is too much for the present season. I also wonder about using the Burt's soap twice a day instead of one, but I want to stick with the Aveeno until it is finished and see.

Instead of a morning routine, it was more of an afternoon routine. got off to a late start.

Oil seems better Whiteheads not ready yet; did not touch. No moisturizer or final cream again.

Day 6 (750ml)

Well, the redness and whiteheads were still there. It had already happened that some whiteheads were not inflamed but most times, such as this one, they sort of are.

I could count at least 8. My forehead was the irritated part, just sore. I popped most of them and applied some hydrogen peroxide then rinced my face. Maybe this is my purging but I don’t know yet. I just feel like I am back at the beginning or even before when it had gotten kind of back.

Received my order of scrubs in the mail today. Long ago, I used to use a scrub and mask that had become two of my favorites. The funny part is, it was available in a pouch at Zellers, and no ingredients were listed. Nowadays, I usually discard anything that does not mention its ingredients.

So the bottles are slightly different, and I just hope the formulation is the same. The ingredients are listed this time, and eeeeee! I got a little nervous, but I will try it to see if it seems the same as what I remember. I verified and believe there are at least 6 out of 17 ingredients that are better to stay away from in skin care, but I have to try it as I have been waiting so long to be able to use it again, and I just received it and wouldn't want to waste my order. For example, one ingredient it contains that I stay away from is mineral oil, but I will take a deep breath and try it anyway, because if the formulation is the same as I remember it having been, it can't be too bad.

Forgot to do my morning routine!

So, wasn’t sure whether to use the scrub before or after Burt's. I thought, well, if I use burt’s and it helps to draw up bad stuff, maybe the scrub afterwards will just help eliminate it.

But then I thought, if the scrub contains ingredients I’m a little nervous about, maybe I should use it first and later wash with the soap (normal routine). I was wondering if on the days I will be using the scrub, whether I should still use the toner..

The scrub seemed a little creamier than what I remember and the smell was similar but slightly different, almost play-doh-y. Hmmm...I didn’t use too much and only scrubbed gently and not for too long. Skin actually felt supple after patting it dry and looked a little better.

Waited until evening to do the normal routine. Skin actually looks better. Don’t know if the scrub could be part of it.

Used Burt's and now I see my faults again!

Tomorrow I hit the 7th day mark, and I’m not sure what I should be seeing!

Day 7 (approx ½ L)

Washed face later in the afternoon (counted about 3 whiteheads - better than it was).

Evening: Washed as usual, but tonight I did some extracting again....I used the scrub again, though I wanted to wait until Friday, and I applied the toner later.

Today is my 8th day, and I will give updates on today and the next 6 days in my next post.

My afterthoughts: Reading back, I miss those few moments when my skin was looking up. Using the toner is starting to bother me. I think the only reason I am using it is because they claim it helps to return to the normal ph, but somehow, that is not how I feel. I have never really liked toners, as I feel they contain drying ingredients, whether it shows or not. My skin feels oily at the moment, but again, last night I did some picking.... I really need to work on this. It's just so hard when you see so many clogged pores. I cannot say I notice any significant change. This morning I also used the soap, which usually I don't do.

Anyhow, I want to give this time to at least say I gave it a fair chance. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

In the meantime, I am still doing much researching for my project of creating a natural product. I enjoy it so much, and find it all so fascinating. I really feel this has true potential.

Thanks for reading everyone. Will update next week.

Li B.

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