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Hmmm a little worried

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Hey guys.

I started Roaccutane last october with moderate but stuborn acne and finished up in January with 100% success. I found this forum half way through the course but didnt bother signing up. I figured I may as well do now since i'm having a few problems.

First up, i seem to be getting spots back again :/ I've had one or two a week since I came off the drug but nothing at all major. Now i seem to be getting them back again, and i can feel a few under my skin, especialy on my forehead..

I shaved the other day using some new foam (not gel) so im hoping thats all it is and this is my skins reaction and it'll go down in a few days...im just keeping super clean and well mousturised, i really dont wanna have to go on a second course because I was hardly Mr. Happy during the first stretch.

Also, since about half way through the treatment up until now i've had clicking joints, especialy in my fingers and shoulders. Anyone else had this problem, and does anyone else have any advice? I really dont want to get arthritis or anything silly :/

Looks like its back to the doctors if things arnt better in a week... confused.gif

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Sorry, you had this subject under regimen before, misread that it was about a prescription drug. eusa_shifty.gif

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Guest Marino

you should of took Roaccutane for an extra 2 months [4 months isn't enough in my opinion], that gives the sebacous [spelling?] gland a chance to normailze itself for longer periods. If I wear you I'd try a topical Retinoid [retina, differin, isotrex] and see if that maintains your skin. If that dosn't work try another type of alternative to roaccutane..... if that fails then it time for Roacc again but this time longer.

As for the joint pain, craigems mentioned somekind of fish tablets or something that could help, wouldn't hurt to send a message and give it a try.

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